Property Value
Aliases Map Quest
Est. Length 2 hours
Quest Log Adventurers Guild (Quest)
Level 0
(100 recommended)
Classification Quest
Version 10.8
July 21, 2015
Status Active


The Adventurers' Guild need some help cartographing the Tibian lands.


Begin at Adventurers' Guild, then all over the Tibian lands.


All kinds of creatures.

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Go to Rotem Valos in the Adventurers' Guild and ask him about a map. He should tell you that the Adventurers' Guild need some help cartographing the vast Tibian lands. He will then give you an Adventurer's Map you are meant to cartograph 18 spots with.

After obtaining the mission you must go to various locations around the world, all of which were implemented in 10.8, and use the Adventurer's Map. You can do this in any order. The locations are, as shown in the server log:

  1. Asura Palace
  2. Iceberg
  3. Corym Black Market
  4. Lair of the Treeling Witch
  5. Desert Scarab Lair
  6. Dragon Caves
  7. Dryad Gardens
  8. Blood Shrine
  9. Forbidden Sanctuary
  10. Grimvale
  11. Old Fortress
  12. Hive Outpost
  13. Quara Grotto in Liberty Bay
  14. Medusa Tower
  15. Scarab Lair in the Mountains
  16. Water Elemental Dungeon in Port Hope
  17. Spider Caves in Tiquanda
  18. Swamp of Lost Souls

Tiquanda - Asura Palace

Walk north from the Tiquandan side of the Kha'zeel Pass until you find the Asura Palace (here). Enter the palace and use the Adventurer's Map.

Tiquanda - Chakoya Iceberg

There were rumours of a secret shrine inside an enormous iceberg near Port Hope, so take a look there.

This location can only be reached during the Chakoya Iceberg Mini World Change. Walk north from Port Hope until you reach the iceberg, here. Once on the iceberg, walk up the stairs and then head north east until you come across an igloo. Walk into the igloo to be teleported downstairs. Follow the path to the west, go down the hole, then head east and go down the other hole. Once you reach a large room, use your map.

Liberty Bay - Corym Black Market

Reach floor -4 (here) and use the map.

Cormaya - Lair of the Treeling Witch

Near the cauldron with the witch, centre of floor -1, here.

Kha'labal - Mother of Scarabs Lair

This is the "Desert Scarab Lair", you need to go to floor -5 with the Ancient Scarabs. On that level to the southwest, you will find an altar here. Use the map near it.

Tiquanda - Kha'zeel Dragon Lairs/Tiquanda

These are the "Dragon Caves". You need to go here.

Cormaya - Dryad Gardens

Find the central hill, go up two times until you find an Earth Elemental, here.

Edron - Edron Vampire Crypt

This is the "Blood Shrine". Find a chamber with blood pools on floor -4, here.

Kha'labal - Forbidden Temple

This is the "Forbidden Sanctuary". Go to floor -2 anywhere and use your map.

Edron - Grimvale

Find Cornell in the northern part of Stonehome (here) and ask for a passage to Grimvale. As soon as you arrive, use the Adventurer's Map.

Edron - Old Fortress

Just map on the surface level, among the ruins, here.

Liberty Bay - Hive Outpost

From the Quara Grotto, head north-west and find a ramp leading to the Hive Outpost (here). Enter and use the Adventurer's Map, just on surface level.

Liberty Bay - Quara Grotto

Travel to Liberty Bay and go west of the harbor to find debris and a ramp leading to the Quara Grotto (here). Go down the ramp and use the Adventurer's Map, on floor -1.

Tiquanda - Medusa Tower

Use the map on the ground floor of the tower after accessing it through the tunnel, here.

Kha'zeel - Kha'zeel Scarab Lair

This is the "Scarab Lair in the Mountains". Go to floor -2 (here) and use your map.

Tiquanda - Water Elemental Dungeon

You can just go down and use the map near the entrance, here.

Tiquanda - Spider Caves

You need to go down 2 floors and find a room with Muddy Water and a Lizard Statue, here.

Green Claw Swamp - Tainted Caves

This is the "Swamp of Lost Souls". On the first floor down, north-east from entrance is a central room with Sulphur Stones, here. Use the map there.

After cartographing all 18 spots you will receive the achievement Cartography 101.


Player: hi
Rotem Valos: Welcome to the {Adventurers}' Guild, my friend.
Player: map
Rotem Valos: There are a lot of dark corners in this world. Not nearly have we uncovered even half of them. We need help in charting the world - interested?
Player: yes
Rotem Valos: Alright, here is a map of Tibia including some areas we have marked only vaguely. It can be folded and shows various locations above and below sea level. ...
Rotem Valos: I will also give you a {list} of interesting spots and landmarks we have not covered. If you venture there in your travels - please try to draw them on your map as good as you can. The more adventurers to help us, the more detailed our maps will become!
Player: list
Rotem Valos: There were rumours of a secret shrine inside an enormous iceberg near Port Hope, so take a look there. And something is amiss in a dark place deep under Liberty Bay. ...
Rotem Valos: The area has also fallen prey to dangerous insectoid creatures; look out for unnatural hive formations above ground. Nature has revealed more caves in the Kha'Zeel mountains, where it's said that a shrine of fire leads the way to unimaginable riches. ...
Rotem Valos: Unrest is stirring in an old ruin north of Edron, maybe it could be mapped while checking what's going on there? Furthermore, creatures of the sea are also gaining foothold - no pun intended - in the Liberty Bay area. ...
Rotem Valos: A tall tower, deep south in the jungles of Tiquanda and yet unknown to us, stretches menacingly into the skies. ...
Rotem Valos: There are also several unexplored caves full of spiders in the vicinity of Port Hope to the south-east. Maybe they lead to a sunken temple once said to be located in that area? Look out for rooms with statues! ...
Rotem Valos: And while you're there, a forgotten and probably dangerous palace there seems to be occupied by demons. ...
Rotem Valos: Cursed souls are haunting the swamps of Venore. Something is brewing in a system of caverns below. According to local gossip, there are strange sulphur formations right at the center of it; we need that mapped. ...
Rotem Valos: Someone seems to have set up home in another strange cave to the northeast of Cormaya. Before he took to his heels, our informant found a cauldron there with a glistening substance - still warm to the touch. ...
Rotem Valos: A small island to the north of Edron seems to be inhabited, there is no harbour there and none of the ships we know actually sails there - maybe you will find a way to chart its inhabitants' dwellings. ...
Rotem Valos: A fellow adventurer stumbled upon an old tomb in Edron, reachable via a small cave to the south. He barely escaped its inhabitants and mumbled something about the power of... blood. ...
Rotem Valos: The ice has revealed an ancient glacial cave near Port Hope. Parts of it may be flooded, however. A passage north of Ankrahmun leads to an old tomb. It's said to be teeming with scarabs, even very old ones. ...
Rotem Valos: Also, another scarab-infested system of caverns can be found there, we don't know where exactly, but rumour has it that someone has erected an altar in it. So please try and find proof of this. ...
Rotem Valos: There is also a rumour of a forbidden temple sanctuary to the east of Ankrahmun. We tried to find the entrance which is lost in the sands but failed numerous times. ...
Rotem Valos: To the western coast of Cormaya, a mysterious well is said to lead to a lost grove of forest furies guarding or worshipping an earth elemental; nested deep underground amidst gardens of green. ...
Rotem Valos: There are also some previously unexplored remains of an old fortress, directly north of Edron. We need those ruins charted as soon as possible of course.
Player: map
Rotem Valos: There are a lot of dark corners in this world. Not nearly have we uncovered even half of them. We need help in charting the world - interested?
Player: yes
Rotem Valos: How is it going? Did you find anything worth charting? Make sure to show us the results once you have visited all the locations from our {list}.
Player: bye
Rotem Valos: Good bye, young adventurer.

Player: hi
Rotem Valos: Welcome to the {Adventurers}' Guild, my friend.
Player: map
Rotem Valos: Looks like you found all the locations! A lot of the things we heard were true it seems - does that tell us something about rumours or not? You even marked some of the harder to reach landmarks -
good job!
Player: map
Rotem Valos: Looks like you found all the locations! Feel free to return here any time you like, we may have additional {work} for you!

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