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Carlin and the rise of the women Vol.1
In the begining the Carlin colony was planed as a example of thaian greatness. A city planned by famous architects and built by the finest craftsmen the kingdom could muster. The area was plagued by orcattacks tough and the people and workers became dishearted and afraid. Many left the site for good. So more and more forced labourers and criminals were sent to help in the building process and the finest army of the kindom, the feared 'red legion' was sent as a protective force and to hold the growning number of doubious citizens in check. Seeing the possibility of failure of their greatest project, the royal family of Thais used the growing city of Carlin as a deposit for unwanted thinkers and noble familys that misstepped in the intrigues that plagued the kingdom in those time. Unwanted in the capital but too powerfull to be disposed they were sent to Carlin. Given their wealth and the fertility of the north, the city was not a bad place to live at as long as the legion managed to keep the orcs at bay. Those citizens were joined by some druids that were not comfortable with the power and influence of the thaian sorcerors and their closeness to the royal family. Soon freethinkers and philosophers flocked to carlin and the unrest grew. The focus of the thaian military to internal affairs was increased and the city was ruled with a more iron hand. The governor was not a calm man and seeing the prosperity of the city he got greedy, increasing the taxes to painfull heights. The building of an enourmous castle was begun, a bit northeast of Carlin. Most unfree workers were used for the construction and so soon the city was no longer sufficiently supplied with food. Seeing that only the local druids made it possible to raise enough supplies, the king ordered more druids to travel to carlin, ensuring the supply of the city, the workers and the troops. Still the work progressed slowly.

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