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Carlin and the rise of the women Vol.3
In the caverns and halve bulit dungeons hundreds died a dirty, painfull death. Alarmed through the scouts the secretly raised forces of Carlin arived, the huntresses and druids came more for the sake of their male family members of course, than for the red legion, but allas they came too late. As they finally arived the orcs had almost finished their dirty work. The attack of the carlin forces took them by surprise but the orcs were too numerous. As the orcish resistance began to form the carlin forces retreated. Drawing the orcs after them the huntresses and druids struck and retreated as planned and trained to be done against the red legion. As they made it to the walls of carlin they had thinned out the orcish troops considerably and most allies like the minotaurs were still pundering the construction site. Some druids that were still hidden in the woods used their magic to impersonate orcs and attacked those allies and herded wolves against them. The enraged minotaurs and cyclopses joined forces and were led to the exausted orcs infront of the carlin walls who prepared for a siege. In the battle that erupted between orcs and their enraged former allies the carlin forces started a surprise attack, aimed at the orcish leadership. They managed to kill them swiftly and retreated back. The orcs finally defeated the minotaurs and cyclopses but were too weakend to consider a further attack on the city. They plundered the construction site and destroyed what they could. They razed the foundations for about two weeks before they left. Shaken by the loss of its most powerfull military tool the thaian royals decided to use their remaining forces to ensure the safety of the capital and other holdings rather then to start a war in an area that far away to claim regentship over a city that would be a ghosttown after a war. Carlin had won its freedom and idependence, but the price was high.

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