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Carlin and the rise of the women Vol.2
More and more male citizens where drafted for the construction of the castle. The women were forced to learn most crafts needed to run the city and joined the druids in gathering and hunting, learning a lot of helpfull skills from those masters of nature. The exiled sister of the thaian king gained more and more influence in the city and soon some huntresses loyal to her cause started nightly supply raids on the bases of the red legion at the buildingsite. With the stolen food she bought favours and supporters in the still starving city (since most supplies went straight to the red legion). Using their newly learned skills of stalking and laying false tracks, the huntresses blamed the orcs of the region with the raids. The plan worked well - too well. The orcs, frightened due to the presence of the famous red legion whose mercyless brutallity was even known to the orcish hordes had not dared to attack or even harras the humans in the carlin area for some time. After a few of those 'orcraids' that could not be prevented the general of the legion ordered a good part of his troops to attack and anihilate the orcish base. Their known base as a islefortress where they thought themselves save. By night, protected by heavy fog the legion used primmitive rafts to cross the sea to the not so far isle. Their attack was a complete surprise. The orcs were slaughtered. Most of the higher ranking orcs were not present in the fortress, partaking in a riutal to find a new chieftain and warlord at the other side of the isle. So the orcs, without leadership were easy prey for the experienced legionaires. After their bloody victory the legion hastily tried to travel back to ensure the crimminals did not take that oportunity for a mutiny. Noone knows if it was magic used by vengefull orc shamans (or even by carlin druids as some claim) or just a force of nature, but a storm struck as the legion was crossing the sea a second time.

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