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Carlin and the rise of the women Vol.2
The makeshift rafts were no match for the forces of the elements and a good part of the legionaires were killed and drowned, others hurt and all exausthed. Vauleable equipment was lost and the remaining forces were barely able to make it back the their comerads that were staying at the city and the construction site.
Seeing an oportunity the kings sister gathered her followers and spred the word that time has come to strike back and break the chains that the kingdom had put on them. The druids were persuaded to join her cause. Huntresses roamed the wilderness to scout the legion and runes were prepared. Meanwhile the orcs planned bloddy revenge. The newly choosen warlords called to the arms and theremaining orcs were joind by their brethren from the woods and smaler isles. This force was joined by some cyclopses and renegade minotaurs which where bribed with gold, metal and promises. The attack of the orcs struck the remaining red legion with vengefull force. Though hopelessly outnumbered and spread too thin over the titanic construction site the red legion fought a bloody fight. Wherever they could, they built pockets of resistance in a sea of green bodys that swarmed them. Doing so they left the way open to the workers though. The orcs took no prisoners. The desparate fought with everything they had but hammers and pickaxes were no match to orcisch spears and blades.

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