Carlin's Graveyard has been overrun by Trolls. The entrance to the crypt has been locked to protect the citizens of Carlin from this potential enemy.

Carlin Graveyard is a simple 3 row, 24 plot cemetery with 18 graves (see image), all of which have nothing written on them (this excludes the two graves that cannot be read, the one with a heaven blossom and the one with a moon flower on top). The caves are a good hunting place for newbies just arriving from Rookgaard. This graveyard often has a Red Rose spawn each day. A hole in the south part of the cave leads to the Rotworm section of the Carlin Corym Cave.

Carlin Graveyard 1 Carlin Graveyard 2

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This graveyard contains the Fanfare Quest, you will need a key from Carlin to complete it.

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