Player: hi
Captain Tiberius: Hail. If you want to head back to the continent, just ask me for a passage.
Player: name
Captain Tiberius: I'm Captain Tiberius, at your service.
Player: job
Captain Tiberius: I transport my passengers back to the continent.
Player: Travora
Captain Tiberius: Nothing much of an island when it was still there, to tell the truth. Only notable thing about it was the fact that the veil between worlds is thin here, hence the possibility to change worlds.
Player: Elgar
Captain Tiberius: Hm. Didn't really know him. Only time I talked to him was a long time ago, when he came to open up his business on Travora. Never set foot on the island myself, though. ...
Captain Tiberius: When the waters swallowed Travora, we found Sharon and that dwarf stranded on a sand bank below. He didn't talk much then, either. Crawled into the belly of my ship to get dry again, and that's the last thing I know.
Player: world transfer
Captain Tiberius: Not my field of expertise. If you want to know more or change to another world, talk to Sharon on the deck below.
Player: transfer
Captain Tiberius: Are you here for the character world transfer? Well, if you have any questions I suggest asking Sharon, below on the deck. She knows everything and more.
Player: Sharon
Captain Tiberius: Don't be shy to ask her for information if you need any. She doesn't bite.
Player: passage
Captain Tiberius: I can bring you back to the city where you came from when you arrived here. Even for free. Agreed?
If you say yes:
Captain Tiberius: And off to City Name we are!
If you say anything else:
Captain Tiberius: No problem, you can stay here.
Player: bye
Captain Tiberius: Good bye, Player.

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