Property Value
Geographical Properties
City Ankrahmun
Position 129.67, 128.117, 6
Personal Properties
Gender Male
Race Human
Occupational Properties
Job Ship Captain
Other Properties
Version 7.3
August 11, 2004
Status Active
Captain Sinbeard
You see Captain Sinbeard.
NPC Bubble D


The dock of Ankrahmun, on his ship


His name and occupation are an allusion to Sinbad the Sailor.
Captain Sinbeard can transport you from Ankrahmun to six other ports:

Passage to Cost (gp) Notes
Liberty Bay90
Port Hope80
Completing the Postman Quest gives you 10 gp discount.

He can also transport anyone to the world transfer island Travora for 1000 gp, including Free Account players. Note that he does not travel to Ab'Dendriel, Carlin, or Thais.


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Player: hi
Captain Sinbeard: Welcome on board, Sir player. Where can I sail you today?
Player: sail or god
Captain Sinbeard: Where do you want to go? To Darashia, Venore, Liberty Bay, Port Hope, Yalahar or Edron? Or to Travora - the island between the worlds?
Player: ship or tibia
Captain Sinbeard: My ship is the fastest in the whole world.
Player: name
Captain Sinbeard: I'm known all over the world as Captain Sinbeard.
Player: job or captain
Captain Sinbeard: I'm the captain of this sailing ship.
Player: ankrahmun
Captain Sinbeard: That's where we are.
Player: carlin or thais or ab'dendriel or svargrond
Captain Sinbeard: I'm sorry but I don't sail there.
Player: venore or darashia or port hope or edron or liberty bay or yalahar
Captain Sinbeard: Do you seek a passage to city for $$ gold?
Player: bye
Captain Sinbeard: Good bye. Recommend us if you were satisfied with our service.