Property Value
Aliases Orc Language Quest, Salmon Quest
Est. Length 20 minutes
Level 2
(5 recommended)
Classification Quest
Version Unknown.
Status Active


An old captain has hidden some of his most precious belongings deep below the island of Rookgaard.


Below the Rookgaard Poison Spider tower.

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Note: There are many ways to reach this quest (the caves under Rookgaard are almost all connected somehow). This spoiler will show the most direct route, not necessarily the safest.

Required Equipment


  • Go to the poison spider tower in northern Rookgaard (here), and down one level.
  • Go to the south, and down the first hole you come along. Then go up at the spot east of you and head north to the next hole:

Captain Iglues Treasure Quest Map 2

Captain Iglues Treasure Quest Map 3

  • Go down another level, here you will find 3 Poison Spiders:

Captain Iglues Treasure Quest Map 4

  • Follow this passage and then go down a level. There are no creatures here:

Captain Iglues Treasure Quest Map 5

  • You will now be in an area with stone walls, go down the stairs. Watch out for Skeletons, you will find two chests.

Captain Iglues Treasure Quest Map 6

Captain Iglues quest rewards

Note: You can either eat the salmon now if you like or you may take it to Amber in the Rookgaard Academy and trade it for some information about the Orc Language.