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You see Captain Chelop
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  • By direct edict of the honorable Henricus, we are ordered to give passage for all recruits to Thais.


Lower Roshamuul, near his ship


Passage to Cost (gp) Notes
Completing the Postman Quest gives you 10 gp discount.


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Player: hi
Captain Chelop: Welcome on board, recruit player. Where can I {sail} you today?
Player: sail
Captain Chelop: I can bring you back to {Thais} if you are weary or you can stay and fight. What shall it be?.
Player: Thais or town
Captain Chelop: Do you seek a passage to Thais for 210 gold?
Player: no
Captain Chelop: By direct edict of the honorable Henricus himself... well, you know.
Player: name
Captain Chelop: My name is Chelop and I am a captain of this {inquisition} ship.
Player: job
Captain Chelop: Can't you see? I'm captain of the Pesadilla, the proud {inquisition} ship which anchors here.
Player: inquisition
Captain Chelop: By edict of the honorable Henricus himself, we are ordered to give passage to all recruits of the Roshamuul mission for a small fee.
Player: Roshamuul
Captain Chelop: This is the island you are currently on, just in case you forgot.
Player: bye
Captain Chelop: On behalf of the inquisition, I bid you farewell.

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