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  • First level 500 in Tibia:Tomurka
  • First level 400 in Candia: Tomurka
  • Second player to reach 400th level in whole Tibia: Tomurka

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  • Hard to find people who would respect the rights of others.
  • Trouble with finding hunting places during the peak hours.


  • The first Level 200 was Ri'Goku.
  • Candia was the first server to defeat Ghazbaran (September 22nd, 2007).
  • Silent Forcewas the first guild in Tibia which killed all POI boss monsters and obtained all POI boss monsters' items.
  • Candian player Tomurka was the 1st player in whole Tibia, who finished the 6666 Demons Task.

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Rare items in Candia

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