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====Rare items====
====Rare items====
*[[Image:Amazon_Helmet.gif]] [[Amazon Helmet]] - '''{{Character|Baja Quatoran}}'''.
*[[Image:Amazon_Helmet.gif]] [[Amazon Helmet]] - '''{{Character|Baja Quatoran}}'''
*[[Image:Blue_Tome.gif]] [[Blue Tome]]
*[[Image:Blue_Tome.gif]] [[Blue Tome]]
*[[Image:Bronze_Trophy_of_Excellence.gif]] [[Bronze Trophy of Excellence]] - '''{{character|Buideldiertje}}''' (2x).
*[[Image:Bronze_Trophy_of_Excellence.gif]] [[Bronze Trophy of Excellence]] - '''{{character|Buideldiertje}}''' (2x)
*[[Image:Crystal_Boots.gif]] [[Crystal Boots]] - '''{{Character|Ki'siel Nyq}}''' and the guild '''{{Guild|Perfect Gentlemen}}'''
*[[Image:Crystal_Boots.gif]] [[Crystal Boots]] - '''{{Character|Ki'siel Nyq}}''' and the guild '''{{Guild|Perfect Gentlemen}}'''
*[[Image:CM Token.gif]] [[CM Token]] - '''{{Character|Revira}}''' (1st), '''{{Character|Buideldiertje}}''', '''{{Character|Tomurka}}''' and '''{{Character|Mirkaan}}'''.
*[[Image:CM Token.gif]] [[CM Token]] - '''{{Character|Revira}}''' (1st), '''{{Character|Buideldiertje}}''', '''{{Character|Tomurka}}''' and '''{{Character|Mirkaan}}'''
*[[Image:Friendship Amulet.gif]] [[Friendship Amulet]] - '''{{Character|Mirkaan}}''' .
*[[Image:Friendship Amulet.gif]] [[Friendship Amulet]] - '''{{Character|Mirkaan}}'''
*[[Image:Golden_Newspaper.gif]] [[Golden Newspaper]] - '''{{Character|Snabbmat}}'''.
*[[Image:Golden_Newspaper.gif]] [[Golden Newspaper]] - '''{{Character|Snabbmat}}'''
* [[File:Golden_Rune_Emblem_(Ultimate_Healing).gif]] [[Golden Rune Emblem (Ultimate Healing)]] - '''{{Character|Mirkaan}}'''.
* [[File:Golden_Rune_Emblem_(Ultimate_Healing).gif]] [[Golden Rune Emblem (Ultimate Healing)]] - '''{{Character|Mirkaan}}'''
*[[File:Golden_Rune_Emblem_(Animate_Dead).gif]] [[Golden Rune Emblem (Animate Dead)]] - '''{{Character|Neseus}}'''.
*[[File:Golden_Rune_Emblem_(Animate_Dead).gif]] [[Golden Rune Emblem (Animate Dead)]] - '''{{Character|Neseus}}'''
*[[Image:Havoc_Blade.gif]] [[Havoc Blade]]
*[[Image:Havoc_Blade.gif]] [[Havoc Blade]]
*[[Image:Laurel Wreath.gif]] [[Laurel Wreath]] - '''{{Character|Mirkaan}}''' .
*[[Image:Hero's_Medal.gif]] [[Hero's Medal]] - '''{{Character|Buideldiertje}}'''
*[[Image:Silver_Trophy_of_Excellence.gif]] [[Silver Trophy of Excellence]] - '''{{Character|Mirkaan}}'''.
*[[Image:Laurel Wreath.gif]] [[Laurel Wreath]] - '''{{Character|Mirkaan}}'''
*[[Image:The Famous Golden Bug.gif]] [[Golden Bug]] - '''{{Character|Mirkaan}}'''.
*[[Image:Silver_Trophy_of_Excellence.gif]] [[Silver Trophy of Excellence]] - '''{{Character|Mirkaan}}'''
*[[Image:Thunder_Hammer.gif]] [[Thunder Hammer]] - '''{{Character|Darkseph}}'''.
*[[Image:The Famous Golden Bug.gif]] [[The Famous Golden Bug]] - '''{{Character|Mirkaan}}'''
*[[Image:Yellow_Rose.gif]] [[Yellow Rose]] - '''{{Character|Balix Sacrum}}''' .
*[[Image:Thunder_Hammer.gif]] [[Thunder Hammer]] - '''{{Character|Darkseph}}'''
*[[Image:Yellow_Rose.gif]] [[Yellow Rose]] - '''{{Character|Balix Sacrum}}'''

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  • Hard to find people who would respect the rights of others.
  • Trouble with finding hunting places during the peak hours.


  • The first Level 200 was Ri'Goku.
  • Candia was the first server to defeat Ghazbaran (September 22nd, 2007).
  • Silent Forcewas the first guild in Tibia which killed all POI boss monsters and obtained all POI boss monsters' items.
  • Candian player Tomurka was the 1st player in Tibia who finished the 6666 Demons Task.


Rare items


Golden NewspaperLevelTomurka*546
Spellbook of Dark MysteriesMagicAdzieq*102
Rainbow ShieldShieldingWojtas The Smieciarz119
Royal CrossbowDistanceMirkaan130
Warlord SwordSwordMaly Mini Ninja*120
The StomperClubWojtas The Smieciarz118
Stonecutter AxeAxeRyan Akin*116
Behemoth ClawFistZamenoh108
Fishing RodFishingJakubabka*113
ParchmentAchievementsYaro Braveheart*657

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