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  • Hard to find people who would respect the rights of others.
  • Trouble with finding hunting places during the peak hours.


  • The first Level 200 was Ri'Goku.
  • Candia was the first server to defeat Ghazbaran (September 22, 2007).
  • Silent Forcewas the first guild in Tibia which killed all POI boss monsters and obtained all POI boss monsters' items.
  • Candian player Tomurka was the 1st player in Tibia who finished the 6666 Demons Task.



Golden NewspaperLevelHoly Mortal830
Spellbook of Dark MysteriesMagicKartonowa Hanka120
Rainbow ShieldShieldingMirkaan122
Royal CrossbowDistanceMirkaan134
Warlord SwordSwordLord Leshrac124
The StomperClubDergrom123
Stonecutter AxeAxe Elite Patron123
Behemoth ClawFistZamenoh109
Fishing RodFishingJakubabka*113

(* is known for having used a bot/macro)

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