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Additional info

  • Calvera is one of two worlds added with Update 10.0, its twin server being Calva. They were created to give players the option to move if they are unsatisfied with the PvP system added in that update, Hardcore PvP being the closest system to the old one.
  • If you move your character to one of the two free-to-move game worlds, but want to transfer away again after 6 months, you can only move back to a game world of the same PvP-type as your original world or to an even more restricted PvP world than your original game world. For example: A character that was transferred to Calva or Calvera from an Optional PvP world can only move back to Optional PvP worlds, or it can be transferred to the other free-to-move game world.
  • These servers are subject to abuse, facilitating the transfer from Optional PvP (where gold and items are significantly more common) to Hardcore and Open PvP. The transferral of characters away from this server is restricted based on your previous game world(s), but the outbound transferral of gold is not restricted.

War status

There are no wars right now.


Calvera's first character in main, as well as first level 20 was "Calverian Proud"

Rare items

Rares on Calvera are not known. Because of the nature of this game world, it is quite likely to contain many rare items, many of which will not remain on this server for very long.

Bosses killed

No boss has yet spawned.

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