The name Calmera is presumably derived from old French "calme" > French "calmer" (English: 'calm') suffixed with -a.


Calmera is a heavily populated server for the average tibia standards, as is common for Optional PvP servers. It is mostly populated by Brazilian players, although there is also a decent number of English speaking players. It is considered to be easy to start a new character and there is a substantial quantity of fair players around with which one can interact. Like most Optional PvP servers though, it also harbors a large quantity of botters and other kinds of unfair players. Being an "old" server, the prices of items are for the most part roughly the same as the prices of NPCs. There is also a high population of players that amuse themselves annoying others either by means of luring or trolling [1] in public chat channels.


  • The team of Fleety, Fic and Fallen Angel of Hell, cleared the first and only Calmeran Demon Quest. According to Calmeran history, Fleety kept the demon legs but they were eventually lost. Rumours had it that they had been thrown into a dustbin by accident. The truth, however, is still a mystery that very few old inhabitants of the server know and are not willing to reveal.

Calmeran Demon Quest.

  • The second Orshabaal ever on Tibia was in Calmera. It wasn't (or couldn't be) killed, although Cachero was said to have been trying to get a team together for it. Three of the following Orshabaal attacks were blocked by Leferty, who kept the record of lowest level (115) to have blocked Orshabaal for several months. On January 13, 2008 Orshabaal dropped Orshabaal's Brain and on June 6, 2008 Calmera was lucky enough to get its first Thunder Hammer after several attempts. As of then, several other Orshabaal attacks have happened in the server and he has been easily defeated.
  • One of first Tibian Morgaroth's appeared on Calmera as well. There have been several Morgaroth raids on Calmera. The first few attempts on it with Leferty blocking were not successful. Morgaroth was killed only on March 9, 2009, with Princes Gala and Byrd blocking with Bronz the knight healing, after a difficult battle against not only Morgaroth but also the disbanded guild Disasterpiece who repeatedly tried to get the blockers killed with magic walls. After sending out several reports GM Calmeranator showed up and Disasterpiece was forced to stop. The only item to be obtained from this was Morgaroth's Heart. Three years later, on 14 September 2013, with Veyllor as the main blocker, Morgaroth dropped Dark Lord's Cape and The Devileye. Since then, Morgaroth has attacked Calmera few other times, but the server has stopped it. It is uncertain whether more rares have been obtained from it.
  • Ferumbras has been at his Calmeran Citadel several times as well. For the first 2 times, no group in the server dared to challenge him. On August 27, 2009, he was killed for the first time. It was not a fully organized team that consisted of a lot of high-level players, mainly from the disbanded Baphomet Order with the help of Bronz the knight. However, the loot (including a Skullcrusher) was stolen by Maria Bolacha, who then fled the server. Since then, Ferumbras has been killed several times by large groups of players. Great Shield, Velvet Mantle and Havoc Blade are some of the rares that it has dropped after its defeat.
  • Ghazbaran has visited Calmera many times. The first time it was early in the day, and there was no attempt to kill him. Scyshock decided to leave a sign of Ghazbaran's appearance, dying at level 134. On his second appearance, a decent team descended to the mines to challenge it, but failed. Striker Hero died at level 198. On his third appearance, the server was undergoing serious lag and kicks (around 10 mass kicks while Ghazbaran was in the Hrodmir mines). A team did a suicide run though - Princes Gala [195] and Fandr [209] died. On the fourth time, most Calmeran top players were ready and searched all over the spawn area but somehow it never spawned. On the fifth time, the players Byrd [182] and Force-knight [218] made a block attempt, but Dack Furia [303] and Lord Might Elf [150] magic walled them both off from the rest of the killing team. The blockers died, and the server gave up on attempting to kill it. Only on his sixth attack on April 24, 2009, could Ghazbaran be defeated. Byrd [215] and Meteorin Deadentro [175] blocked it successfully but no mentionable loot was obtained. As of then, Ghazbaran's visits to Calmera have been very short-lived. Havoc Blade, Mythril Axe, and Frozen Plate have been some of the items looted from his attacks.
  • On March 06, 2017, a team from Calmera was the first one to ever defeat The Last Lore Keeper. This victory is notable due to the fact that the mechanics of this boss are complex and took a long time to be fully understood. Even though many teams were trying it, it took 3 months after the boss was added to the game for players to kill it for the first time. Calmera was also the second world to kill it before other teams learned the strategy and replicated it.
  • Some older figures that no longer play: Ingek, Fleety and Cachero.

Highest Levels

Golden Goblet.gif Crimsix 1098 Elder Druid
Silver Goblet.gif Caballero Aztecaa 1000 Elite Knight
Bronze Goblet.gif Comsou 945 Elite Knight
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