You see Cael
  • I wish I could learn more about this strange world.
  • Those different cultures are amazing.
  • What an interesting continent.


Farmine, north of the steamship and armory.


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Exchanges a Serpent Crest and Tribal Crest for the first and second Warmaster addons respectively. You may also hand in a Tome of Knowledge for other rewards and trading abilities. Note that Cael will only accept 1 Tome every 20 hours (in real time).

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Trade Details


This NPC does not buy any items.


Item   Value
Didgeridoo 1Household Items Household Items5000
War Drum 1Household Items Household Items1000

After bringing 11 tomes in Tomes of Knowledge Quest:
Item Price (gp)
Dragon Statue 1 Red Lantern

After bringing 12 tomes in Tomes of Knowledge Quest:
Item Price (gp)
Dragon Throne 1 Red Piece of Cloth
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