Property Value
Combat Properties
Health Health Icon.gif 10000
Experience Experience Icon.gif 7350
Speed Haste Icon.gif 145
Armor Armor Icon.gif 89
Elements Fire, Physical, Energy
Est. Max Dmg 1500+
Summon (not possible)
Convince (not possible)
General Properties
Name Burning Gladiator
Classification Fafnar Cultists
Spawn Type Regular
Bestiary Properties
Class Human
Difficulty Hard
Occurrence Common
Charm Points 50 Charm Icon.gif
Kills to Unlock 2500
Elemental Properties
Physical 80%
Earth 100%
Fire 70%
Death 100%
Energy 80%
Holy 100%
Ice 120%
Heal 100%
Life Drain 100%
Drown 100%
Immunity Properties
Senses Invis.
Behavioural Properties
Walks around
Walks through Energy
Other Properties
Version 12.20
July 29, 2019
Status Active
Burning Gladiator.gif
You see a burning gladiator.
  • Burn, infidel!
  • Only the Wild Sun shall shine down on this world!
  • Praised be Fafnar, the Smiter!


Once, the inhabitants of Kilmaresh worshipped the two sun gods Suon and Fafnar and attached great importance to the fact that the worship of both deities was always in balance. However, there came a time when a group of Fafnar's adherers became more and more influential and aggressive until this sect postulated the sole worship of Fafnar. This resulted in a religious war between the Fafnar followers and those who fought for the duality of the two sun gods. Ultimately, the war was ended by a major natural disaster that split off the eastern peninsula from the western part of the land mass. This was interpreted as a demonstration of divine wrath. It was rumoured that Suon had shattered the continent in his anger about the humans' misdeeds. From that day on, the old empire was in shambles and the worship of Fafnar is now forbidden in the new empire.
But the cult of Fafnar still exists on Kilmaresh, albeit in secret. Her followers go to great lengths to strengthen Fafnar's influence and try to re-establish her worship. To achieve their goals they are not above using either infiltration or violence. The Burning Gladiators are a special part of the the Wild Sun's cult. They are fierce warriors who seek to enforce Fafnar's will with a vengeance. If necessary they also protect the Priestesses of the Wild Sun on their rather subtle missions.


Melee (0-550), Fire Ring around itself (300-500?), Fire Plus around itself (300-500), Fire X around itself (300-500), Energy Wave (300-500), Damage Reflection (Fire, about 33%).

Damage Taken From Elements

  • Physical
  • Holy
  • Death
  • Fire
  • Energy
  • Ice
  • Earth


Issavi Sewers, Kilmaresh Catacombs and Kilmaresh Mountains (above and under ground).


They attack in close range and retarget often.


Fire protection is very good against them, but you should also take care not to increase the damage taken from the other elements used by the other Fafnar Cultists that are also together with Burning Gladiators.


It's experience was decreased from 10,500 to 7,350 on Updates/12.31.


(Loot Statistics)

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