Status Conditions
Bleed Icon.gif Bleeding Harmful
Burning Icon.gif Burning Harmful
Cursed Icon.gif Cursed Harmful
Dazzled Icon.gif Dazzled Harmful
Drowning Icon.gif Drowning Harmful
Drunk.gif Drunk Negative
Electrified Icon.gif Electrified Harmful
Feared Icon.gif Feared Harmful
Freezing Icon.gif Freezing Harmful
Goshnar's Taints 5 Icon.png Goshnar's Taints Harmful
Haste Icon.gif Hasted Positive
Hexed Icon.png Hexed Harmful
Hungry Icon2.png Hungry Neutral
Logout Block Icon.gif Logout Block Neutral
Magic Shield Icon.gif
Magic Shield Spell Icon.gif
Magic Shield Neutral
Poisoned Icon.gif Poisoned Harmful
Protection Zone Block Icon.gif Protection Zone Block Negative
Rooted Icon.gif Rooted Harmful
Slowed Icon.gif Slowed Negative
Strengthened Icon.gif Strengthened Positive
Within Protection Zone Icon.gif Within Protection Zone Positive
Within Active Resting Area Icon.png Within Active Resting Area Positive
Within Resting Area Icon.png Within Resting Area Neutral

Burning Icon.gif This is a Special Condition where your character loses 10 hit points over time, as long as they are burning. This condition is indicated by the burning icon on your character's status bar.

How to set yourself on fire

How to get rid of the burning

  • Asking an NPC in a Temple to heal you.
  • Waiting until the effect disappear.
  • Use the Cure Burning spell.
  • Go swimming.

Go Forward Icon.png

See also:

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