You see a bunch of wheat.
It weighs 12.50 oz.


Cut wheat using a scythe and then use it with a millstone to make flour, then use the flour with a bucket or trough of water to make dough, then use the dough with an oven to make bread. Replacing the water with milk, you get a cake.

How to make Sugar Oat

Sugar Oat.gif

To make Sugar Oat, you need...

Bunch of Sugar Cane
Fire Bug

1. Travel to Liberty bay and buy Fire Bugs from Evan here.
2. Go to the Sugar Canes here and use the Fire Bugs to burn the Sugar Canes down.
3. Pick up the Bunch of Sugar Canes and travel to Thais wheat field here.
4. Cut down the wheat with the Scythe.
5. Use the Bunch of Wheat on the Bunch of Sugar Cane.

Note: You can use the Sugar Oats on Wild Horse to get the War Horse mount.

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A lot of bunches of wheat can be found at daily spawns in one of the buildings in Rookgaard, here.
Cut 200 of these to obtain the Happy Farmer achievement.

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Dropped By

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Buy From

Donald McRonaldThais1 Gold

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Players only.