You see Bruno
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    On the marketplace of Northport


    Bruno is married to Marlene, and thinks she talks too much. He thinks highly of Graubart.

    Trade Details


    This NPC does not buy any items.


    Item   Value
    Fish Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink5


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    Player: Hi
    Bruno: Ahoi, Player. You want to buy some fresh fish?
    Player: offer or buy or fish
    Bruno: Well, I sell freshly caught fish. You like some? Of course, you can buy more than one at once. *grin* Just ask me for a {trade}.
    Player: trade
    Bruno: Buy all the fish you want. It's fresh and healthy, promised.
    Player: name
    Bruno: My name is Bruno.
    Player: Job
    Bruno: My job is to catch fish and to sell them here.
    Player: Marlene
    Bruno: Ah yes, my lovely wife. God forgive her, but she can't stop talking. So my work is a great rest for my poor ears. *laughs loudly*
    Player: Graubart
    Bruno: I like this old salt. I learned much from him. Whatever. You like some fish? *grin*
    Player: Bye
    Bruno: Good bye and come again!

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