The Browse Field feature was implemented in Update 9.84 to prevent the trashing of Corpses and Depot Chests. When you use it, a new window will open showing you all items on that tile with the item lowest on the stack listed first. Note that it is only possible to drag something out of the window, and that you cannot add something or move stuff around inside the window.


  • Some quests can be "cheated" now by taking an item from under an elemental field (e.g. an Energy Field) instead of using a Destroy Field Rune. One such an example is the Draconia Quest.
  • This means it is now also possible to loot through Magic Walls and Wild Growth.
  • Now you can even move and take items which were not movable previously, such as the Crate below a Hawser on Venore docks or below a usable crate at Roshamuul. While this might not seem important, it poses a technical limitation of CipSoft because they cannot block e.g. valuable items by immoveable objects anymore.
  • Creatures can now be looted and even skinned through the Browse Field window, so you won't have to wait for the corpse to be movable anymore when it's on a tile occupied by e.g. a ladder.
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