You see a brown mushroom.
It weighs 0.20 oz.
  • Munch.


Brown Mushrooms are one of the best foods for long trips. They provide one of the highest regeneration seconds per ounce eaten, making them very useful to mages in hunting places without food. These are not only lighter than white mushrooms, but heal more per gp spent buying them, so it's not only more efficient, but more cost effective to spend the same gp on these as you would on white mushrooms. Also, it's the best food obtainable in a shop. 100 brown mushrooms weigh 20 oz. and will last you 7 h 20 m. Because of its low weight, they are useful for training.

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Can be found at daily spawns in a Rotworm cave in PoH, Dusalk's Troll Clan Cave east of Dwarven Bridge, Wyrm mountain in Liberty Bay and in Hyacinth's tower and the War Wolf Den on Rookgaard.

100 of them can be obtained through the Steal From Thieves Quest and 10 can be obtained as an optional reward in The Hidden City of Beregar Quest. 10 of these are needed in the Hot Cuisine Quest.

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Trade Details

Buy From

Hireling TraderHouses and Guildhalls10 Gold
LunaEdron10 Gold

Sell To

Players only.