Brog, son of Zathroth and Fafnar was a malovent god that tried to conquer the realms long ago. At one time he favored the race of the minotaurs however his other followers have since massacred their race after the Minos developed the philosophy of Mooh'Tah. Brog is one of the lesser known gods, however is famous for his involvement with the Cyclopmania Sword or Magic Longsword which was thrust into his ribs by his captive cyclopsmiths. "By Brogs Blood" is a common saying reffering to the evil blood that coats the blade of the mighty Godslayer. The Black Knight below Green Claw Swamp worships Brog, and is one of his few followers that still haunt the plains of Tibia. Brog's Maccabre attack on the world is referred to as the "Raging of Brog" and the minotaurs are extremely resentful over the raging. Akkor, a blind minotaur who is credited with founding the religious views of the minotaurs, has condemmned the raging as a curse, and uses it as fodder in his war to win the hearts and minds of his fellow minotaur brethren.

Cyclopses are seen as Brog's smithes and they refer to him with "The Ragehammer" or "Ragehammerer".

Brog's name is also often mistaken for Blog. No one is sure which is the typo of the other.

NameBook TypeShort Description
The First Creatures I (Book)Book (Brown)Book (Brown Thin)Recounts the creation of the first few creatures and their magical abilities.
The First Creatures II (Book)Book (Brown)Brog continues to create different creatures and is reprimanded by Zathroth and told to create more creatures. This resulted in the creation of trolls, orcs and other malicious creatures.