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Property Value
Geographical Properties
City Edron
Position 129.225, 124.56, 7
Personal Properties
Gender Male
Race Human
Occupational Properties
Job Member of the Magic Bakery Alliance
Other Properties
Version 8.7
December 8, 2010
Status Event
Brian The Baker
You see Brian The Baker.
  • I wonder if we will make it this year!


East of Edron


NPC added in the Winter Update 2010. He only appears during an World Quest, A Piece of Cake. First sighted February 21, 2011. Ask him: "mass" and "base" to find out how much more of each is needed, to complete the challenge.


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Player: hi
Brian The Baker: Hi there Player. Are you here to help?
Player: no
Brian The Baker: Too bad, I guess we could need some more.
Player: help or job
Brian The Baker: I'm a member of the Magic Bakery Alliance. We are an order that is dedicated to further the knowledge of bakery for the benefit of mankind. Our goals are as numerous as the recipes we come up with each season.
Player: goals
Brian The Baker: Currently we are trying to reclaim another part of Kullu's wisdom. Year after year, we try our best to break the defences of Cake Keep Isle.
Player: kullu
Brian The Baker: He was a great mage but an even greater cook. His recipes and spells are priceless. Sadly, even if we succeed in breaking the defences of Cake Keep Isle, we will only manage to decipher a tiny fraction of his knowledge. ...
Brian The Baker: And still, we don't know what happened to Kullu. He retreated from our world to fully concentrate on his research on cooking recipes and spells. ...
Brian The Baker: He was some sweet tooth for all that we know. And for sure a genius when it comes to baking and magic. ...
Brian The Baker: His kitchen magic was that amazing, you could not tell where baking ended and magic started.
Player: keep
Brian The Baker: To be undisturbed, he placed his keep on an isle that existed on a planar instability which allowed him to phase the isle out of existence for most of the time. ...
Brian The Baker: Additionally he surrounded the isle with a sorcery of his invention that defied most attempts to reach it. ...
Brian The Baker: It took us quite a while to figure out that he'd never be able to weave a protection spell against something he loved so dearly like cakes and bakery wares. ...
Brian The Baker: So we came up with the idea of the bridge.
Player: bridge
Brian The Baker: After a few failed attempts with gingerbread boats and the like, we figured out how to reach Cake Keep Isle. We used the very ingredients we could derive from his cake golem attacks to build a stable cake bridge to his isle.
Player: golem
Brian The Baker: Ah well, that's an .. uhm .. funny story. ...
Brian The Baker: You see, after the first expedition reached the isle, they took so long trying to find a way to Kullu's secrets that the isle began to vanish into the void while they were still there. ...
Brian The Baker: The entire time, they were harassed by Kullu's cake golem guardians of the keep. In the last minute, they cast emergency teleports to their home cities. ...
Brian The Baker: The good thing is it was not too late and all escaped. Well, the bad thing is their spells somehow reacted with the void-rift of that place, building astral tunnels from the void to said cities. ...
Brian The Baker: Now, whenever the isle manifests, the tunnels manifest as well. The ugly part is that through this one-way tunnels the cake golem army that was apparently sucked into the void has access to the cities and can raid them. ...
Brian The Baker: But they are not only an annoyance but also our greatest chance. Nasty but tasty little buggers. They can be troublesome but we need them for our bridge construction.
Player: chance
Brian The Baker: The golems that raid the cities supply us with two major materials that we need to build our bridge to Cake Keep Isle. ...
Brian The Baker: One component is the sugary mass that can be gained if you slay one of them. We use it as a kind of mortar. ...
Brian The Baker: The second part is a bit trickier to get. It is the raw cake material. It is kind of challenging to gain it. We built extraction machines that can drain the base material from the still animated corpses. ...
Brian The Baker: We placed one in each of the raided cities. You will have to lure the golems into the machines, to extract the material from them. ...
Brian The Baker: We need it to have a stable base material that is resilient against wind, weather and salt water.
Player: mass
Brian The Baker: We accumulated ??? of 200 sugary mass. We can't fail this year! We will not allow it!
Player: base
Brian The Baker: I'm somewhat worried. Getting the base material is always the tricky part. People are usually a bit too eager to kill. We accumulated ??? of 200 base material until now.
Player: Magic Bakery Alliance
Brian The Baker: We are a mystic order of bakers who pursue goals for the benefit of all mankind. Don't even listen to the lies and propaganda spread by those who envy us.
Player: order
Brian The Baker: We are a mystic baker order. Don't listen to those who envy us and spread ugly lies and propaganda. We are dedicated to uncover the greatest secrets about cooking and baking. ...
Brian The Baker: Baking is the only trade worth to be considered. Without bakers everyone would starve. We are what ties a society together, preferably with a thick, sticky and sweet mass made of fruits. ...
Brian The Baker: We are the momentum of culture. Baking is what divides civilization from barbarism.
Player: lies
Brian The Baker: Though most of our noble order abandoned the more theoretical studies at the academies, it is an evil lie that we are failed students who know more about drinking and eating than about magic. ...
Brian The Baker: Once we have revealed all of Kullu's secrets, we will be envied by all. And of course we all will become famous and incredibly rich.
Player: recipes
Brian The Baker: Kullu's recipes are as precious and complicated as are his spells. You often even need magic to have them done. Instant freezing and boiling are quite handy for most of them. ...
Brian The Baker: Not to mention the special conditions you have to take care of. Though most people lack the refinement of tasting skills to recognise the difference of a pasta caramellum made at full moon in winter and one made at an eclipse in autumn.
Player: isle
Brian The Baker: Now once we've got enough ingredients to finish the bridge, we have to face another challenge. And that is the cake keep itself! Is is an almost impenetrable though edible fortress made completely out of cake! ...
Brian The Baker: The thing is, to reach his secrets we will have to eat the whole cake! This is easier said than done though as the the cake regenerates itself periodically with the help of magic. ...
Brian The Baker: So we only have a few minutes to eat a whole layer of the cake, only then it will not regenerate but the upper layer will come down. So layer for layer we have to eat that cake. ...
Brian The Baker: It will take an army of hungry Tibians to eat them all in time. Even then things have to be somewhat coordinated. ...
Brian The Baker: People have to be brought here, wait for their turn to eat and of course stay hungry. Eating another layer might prove futile if you do not wait a few minutes for the hunger to return. ...
Brian The Baker: The good thing is that all people, big and small, can participate. ...
Brian The Baker: I guess the isle had a nice and flashy name in the past. But you know how people are. Someone started to call it the Cake Isle and I guess it is only a matter of time until this is shortened to CI. ...
Brian The Baker: People don't take their time anymore, not even for enjoyment.
Player: spells
Brian The Baker: Kullu's spells are highly sought after. There are a few minor ones he sold before he became an eremite. And there are rumours about some others.
Player: rumours
Brian The Baker: Well for instance there is the ultimate sweetness spell that makes everything taste extremely sweet. Even if you freeze or hit your finger with an hammer it tastes sweet! ...
Brian The Baker: Or the refill spell that refills your cup, bottle, bowl etc. as long as there is a tiny bit left in it. Marvels that we will rediscover!
Player: name
Brian The Baker: I am Brian. Brian the baker, that is.
Player: machines
Brian The Baker: We invented machines that can extract the essence of the cake golems. That is the part that gives them the stability to move and withstand damage and environmental hazards. ...
Brian The Baker: Well, actually we had them built by the dwarven technomancers. But it was us who figured out the basic principles! ...
Brian The Baker: However, whenever a cake golem gets into one of those machines, it gets disassembled in the blink of an eye and we get the enchanted base which we use to build our bridge.
Player: sugar
Brian The Baker: Do you have some sugar for me? Please note that you can hand me all your sugar at once, if you want to.
Player: yes
Brian The Baker: Sorry, you don't have the sugar we are looking for. You can loot it from the cake golems.
Player: bye
Brian The Baker: Good bye.