You see a bread.
It weighs 5.00 oz.
  • Crunch.


Bread can be made from dough (oddly, a loaf of bread weighs 5 oz., but a lump of dough only weighs 1 oz.) Also, if you're a Druid, you can make bread by casting the spell exevo pan.
Looks the same as Garlic Bread and the Stale Bread of Ancientness.

How to make bread
To make bread, you need...

  1. Get water into a trough or bucket. Water can be extracted from an above ground Shallow Water (eg. the sea), a Draw Well or a Fountain. Buckets and troughs are quite common around draw wells, but troughs cannot be carried. Bottles that can be bought in shops are lighter than buckets and can also be used as intermediary containers to carry water.
  2. Use flour with water. You will get a Lump of Dough.
  3. Use the lump of dough with an oven. You will get your Bread.