Property Value
Geographical Properties
Nearest City Darashia
Position 129.251, 126.132, 7
Personal Properties
Gender Male
Race Human
Occupational Properties
Job Servant
Other Properties
Version 10.90
December 8, 2015
Status Active
You see Bozarn.


    Northeast Darashia on Darashia Street above Darashia 5.


    He's Mazarius's servant and has great respect for his master.


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    Player: hi
    Bozarn: Greetings. The {master} is waiting for you in the basement.
    Player: master/Mazarius
    Bozarn: My master is a noble and wise man. He dedicated his life and fortune to the pursuit of knowledge. ...
    Bozarn: He became a {scholar} of note at a young age, and in our days he is often consulted amongst his peers for his vast knowledge of diverse topics.
    Player: scholar
    Bozarn: I'm not knowledgeable enough to comment on my master's studies, but he certainly is well known for them to men of learning from all over the world.
    Player: job
    Bozarn: I'm a {manservant}, like my father and my grandfather before me.
    Player: manservant
    Bozarn: In {modern} days our responsibilities are numerous.
    Player: modern
    Bozarn: Times have changed, and the {nobility} and the {rich} usually don't employ large staffs of people any more. Only the most important ones are kept and entrusted with more and more duties.
    Player: nobility
    Bozarn: Only the most civilized realms have a nobility worthy of that name. I doubt that any of the non-human races even grasp the concept of nobility, which might explain their barbarism.
    Player: rich
    Bozarn: There is a new breed of nobility. Sophisticated men and women, who, through determination and intelligence, rise to a status that allows them to be recognised by the true nobility as almost, but not quite, equals.
    Player: Darashia
    Bozarn: It's quiet and lonely here compared to Thais. Sometimes I'm hard put to obtain everything we require from the market or local traders, but the climate becomes the master.
    Player: Thais
    Bozarn: Thais is often overcrowded and malodorous. It's almost impossible to find a suitable mansion there. And even if you do, the unseemly neighbours most likely prove unbearable.
    Player: time
    Bozarn: It is time precisely.
    Player: bye
    Bozarn: Good bye!

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