Property Value
Geographical Properties
City Thais
Position 126.175, 125.91, 15
Personal Properties
Gender Male
Race Human
Occupational Properties
Job Scientist
Other Properties
Version 8.5
July 1, 2009
Status Active
You see Boveas.


North in Mintwallin, close to the city entrance


He is a human, disguised as a Minotaur, to study Minotaur magic, and learn about their culture.

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Player: hi
Boveas: Hi! I hope you're not going to kill me!
Player: name
Boveas: Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot to introduce myself. Tends to happen when I'm scared that some bloodthirsty adventurer is going to kill me on account of my cunning disguise. My name is Boveas.
Player: job
Boveas: I studied the art of magic for many years, but it's a bit abstract for a man with my hands on attitude to life. ...
Boveas: So I decided to find some kind of niche for my studies. It was then I came upon the idea of studying the magic of other races. ...
Boveas: Unfortunately, that proved to be far too much for one person. After careful consideration I decided to concentrate my efforts on the secrets of minotaur magic. ...
Boveas: It didn't take me long to become fascinated with the whole race and I wanted to learn more about them. ...
Boveas: I have invested a considerable amount of resources in setting up this ruse to infiltrate this city. ...
Boveas: During my time here I have not only learned a lot about the magic of the minotaurs, but I have also found out some intriguing facts about their culture. And there is still so much for me to discover! Thrilling.
Player: disguise
Boveas: Believe me, it wasn't easy to create this disguise. I employed the finest leather workers of Tibia to sew it together while I was studying the behaviour of cows on some of the farms. ...
Boveas: Admittedly the research was a waste of time as minotaurs have very little in common with cows. And the cow suit does get a peculiar smell after a while. However, you live and learn, don't you?
Player: minotaur
Boveas: Minotaurs are absolutely fascinating! Their culture, their philosophy, their everyday life. All of it is full of surprises and there is so much to learn. ...
Boveas: Whenever I think I have learned all there is to be learnt they surprise me with something new, inspiring me to extend my field work to gain even deeper insights into their fascinating culture. ...
Boveas: I think I will have to continue my work here for years to come. My only regret is that lunch is limited to grass. What I wouldn't give for some good old Edron ham! <sigh>.
Player: culture
Boveas: There are some similarities between the minotaurean culture and our own but there are also huge differences. ...
Boveas: The most important difference is perhaps that much of their culture evolved to help them deal with their rage, their inner beast. But there are other differences of course, some subtle, some prominent. ...
Boveas: But I am not going to spill the beans! As soon as my field work has been completed I am going to write a book! ...
Boveas: If you are truly interested in minotaurean lore and secrets you should really look forward to that book. ...
Boveas: I have not decided on a title yet but I just know it will be a best seller - so you are bound to hear about it on the Tibian grapevine! Once it is released, of course.
Player: king markwin
Boveas: The King of the minotaurs is actually not all that different from other sovereigns. At least, he seems to be confronted with similar challenges and issues just like any leader of a nation.
Player: city
Boveas: Sadly, Mintwalin is only a shadow of what it could have been. The {minotaurs} were hiding from numerous foes when they built this city. They had to use what was at their disposal. ...
Boveas: Given that, the city is something they can be proud of. They had so few resources and they were forced to adapt much of their magic. Their magic specialised in war spells and they had to refocus onto a kind of supply magic to make everyday life work ...
Boveas: The first time I came here I actually wondered whether the minotaurs might actually be more civilized then we are. The more time I spend here, the more this seems to me to be the case. ...
Boveas: The minotaurean civilisation rivals our own and it is tragic that we are bitter enemies.
Player: bye
Boveas: Good bye, Player.

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