This book was one of the winners of the Write a Book contest. It was written by Peachpanda.

Bottle Deposit Hero

I return to Tibia after 10 years and everything is so frightening
Comrades whizzing by me, their speed like lightening
To the Thais bank I venture but find only 3000 gold pieces
It all goes to a new rod, I pray its power never ceases
“Can this old lady catch up?” I whisper to the depot’s stone wall
To Mountain Sternum’s Undead Cave I go, I’m sure I can stand tall!

Two skeletons greet me and my rod gleefully ices each
Down the stairs I go, now bloodthirsty ghouls I must reach
How they moan and groan to kill me, but I kill them from a distance
I feel invincible and shout “Enjoy your nonexistence!”
My loot bag full of gold, my doubts are at zero
I think to myself, “This time I’ll become the top hero.”

I turn to go home as my mana starts to run low
“No problem” I thought, “I have potions in stow.”
Out from my backpack I pull out a great mana potion
I go to use it with one smooth motion
But wait it’s not working, why doesn’t it flow?
“Oh fudge”, I curse myself, “my powers are too low”

Try as I might, I get no juice
Only regular mana potions, can I use
I try to run but there are monsters too many
My vision blurs and I cry aplenty

I revive at the temple with nothing on me
My pack is gone and my rod has left me
“Is this the end for good?” I weep loudly
How could things turn so badly?
I shuffle back to the depot, eyes downcast
Feeling defeated and like an outcast

As I approach the building, my feet kick something
Empty bottles they are that others have been dumping
My heart starts to pound as I realize its potential
Who says another's trash isn’t my essential
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 stacks I count
3000 gold pieces perfect in amount!

I race to Xodet shouting “trade” at the top of my lungs
His other guests whisper around me wagging their tongues
But care I have none for this has saved me
To the shop I go on my spending spree

This story thus ends with a happy ending
For tomorrow I start again, this time unending!

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