With every server save, a randomly drawn creature will receive a temporary boost until next server save. During that time, the selected creature will:

  • yield more experience points (double the normal amount).
  • carry more loot than usual (double the normal amount).
  • respawn at a faster rate (two times faster respawn rate than usual).

Afterwards the monster has a cooldown of 30 days before it can be boosted again.

The currently boosted creature will be displayed on the login screen of the client and on the Tibia Website at the top right corner.

As stated by CipSoft, boosted creatures are selected from the monsters displayed in the random Prey lists. However, according to the boosted creature history, it seems that no creature which has no loot or yields no experience can be selected.

Note that additional bonuses such as prey or other events such as Rapid Respawn, Improved Respawn Rate and Double Experience and Skill Events will be applied on top of that. That being said, during these special events creatures categorized as Hard or Challenging in the Bestiary cannot be boosted as confirmed by CMs here and here.

Boosted Creature was introduced with version 12.00.

Today's Boosted Creature is:

Witch300 hp/240 exp (boosted)exp (boosted)