You see a bonelord.
  • You've got the look!
  • Let me take a look at you.
  • Eye for eye!
  • I've got to look!
  • Here's looking at you!


Bonelords are members of an ancient race that once ruled vast parts of the world. The days of this ancient glory are long gone but unlike other races of the past, the Bonelords managed to survive the decline of their power. Parts of their former power exist along with small groups or loners who took refuge in some ruins or caves. Some reluctantly allied themselves with other races or enslaved weaker creatures to do their bidding. Using bribes or threats, some overlords managed to hire Bonelords into their rank. Such 'labour contracts' are only temporary at best and chances are that a Bonelord is more concerned about plotting revenge or betrayal on its 'master' than to do his bidding.
Bonelords are accomplished magicians of great intellect. The latter is rather alien to human standards and it is not easy to understand a Bonelord's motivations and philosophy. With their natural affinity to the necromantic arts, the Bonelords still claim some areas of land as their own and guard them with the help of their undead minions. They are hostile to most other races which they consider as upstarts and primitive. They fiercely defend their realms or places they claim for their own, and their interest in fresh corpses for their necromantic studies makes them a threat for each human community. Since their population grows only slowly, they envy and hate the more fertile races which, in their eyes, stole the power that rightfully belonged to the Bonelords. Seeing themselves as a superior 'conqueror race', they gather their undead forces and pursue their studies aiming at the day on which they will raise an unstoppable army of powerful undead creatures to lead them to another war to conquer the world.

Bonelords give good loot and are profitable for skilled players to kill at low levels. They are one of the four sources of the Bonelord Shield.


Physical Damage Melee (0-5)
Physical Damage Fireball (0-45)
Energy Damage Heavy Magic Missile (0-45)
Earth Damage Stalagmite (0-45)
Death Damage Death Missile (0-50)
Life Drain Distance Life Drain (0-45)
Mana Drain Distance Mana Drain (0-35)
Summons Summons (1-6 Skeleton)

Damage Taken From Elements

Physical Bestiary Physical Icon Big.gif
Death Cursed Icon Big.gif
Holy Dazzled Icon Big.gif
Ice Freezing Icon Big.gif
Fire Burning Icon Big.gif
Energy Electrified Icon Big.gif
Earth Poisoned Icon Big.gif


The bonelord, a.k.a. Beholder in earlier versions of the game, will back away from its opponent, trying to keep a distance from the target while using a variety of spells, and usually summons Skeletons which will attempt to surround the attacker. After Update 8.0, Bonelords do less damage per turn.

A bonelord attacks from a distance.


It's recommended for low levels hunting them to bring health potions, as groups of them quickly chew health.
Knights: Chase the Bonelord down and attack it. It has virtually no melee skills, so using a shield is obsolete. If you get surrounded by Skeletons, a direct path will be difficult, so quickly kill them and break through rather than trying to navigate around them. Another way is to wait for the Bonelord to approach behind a corner and then attack it.
Paladins: At level 14 or higher, you can just shoot it from a distance with 50+ skills.
Sorcerers: You can kill these at level 13 using the Wand of Dragonbreath and a few mana potions, although this is not recommended. At level 22, hunting Bonelords with the Wand of Draconia should be easy. Just remember to keep using the Light Healing spell as needed and to corner them. This will help increasing the chance of them using their weak melee attack, rather then a magic based attack. Try to avoid being trapped by their summons.
Druids: You will spend more mana at Level 13, because they are strong against ice. At any higher level, use the same strategy as the sorcerer.


With a small patch on August 23, 2010 CipSoft changed the name of this many-eyed creature from the former Beholder to a new name Bonelord. The reason for this change is hinted in the newspost on tibia.com as an interference of some wizards of the coast of a remote kingdom full of dungeons and dragons. It is not officially confirmed, but very likely a copyright infringement claim by the company Wizards of the Coast, makers of Dungeons & Dragons, since they see the term Beholder as part of their product identity.[1][2]


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