You see a blue tome.
It weighs 19.00 oz.
It's a volume of The Mystic Secrets of Tibia.


One of the 5 volumes of The Mystic Secrets of Tibia. Blue Tomes are obtainable only as a gift from the gods, bought from players on older game worlds or as a reward from contests of supported and promoted fansites. Since Updates/8.4 Blue Tome can be looted from Ghazbaran. Was first looted in Danera by Nerd Din (01/01/09). Was also looted in Hiberna by Savage Funkstar.


This item used to be obtainable in two ways. The first way was to pick it up near the current Life Ring Quest, where it spawned once per map reset. The other way to obtain this item was as a reward from the Demon Legs Quest in the Hero Cave – this one was also supposed to spawn once per map reset, but on Antica there was a bug causing the rewards to respawn every day instead. As a result there are far more Blue Tomes on Antica than on any other world.

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Players only.

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Players only.