You see a blooming griffinclaw.


One on top of the mountains of Nargor; four in Deathbine's lair; five deep inside Chyllfroest; one in the Caverna Exanima (here, only accessible during a quest mission).


Only the flower growing on Nargor can be harvested. You can take a sample of it every 20 hours, as long as you have an empty container at hand and haven't handed one in yet. If you try to harvest it again before the 20 hours are over, you will receive the following message: You just collected a fragile griffinclaw. At least wait for the rest of the plant to recover a bit before gathering more.
See also: Dry Griffinclaw.

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  • To take a sample of this plant, use a Botanist's Container on it while it is blooming. A sample cannot be taken when it is dry.
  • Note you must have begun this quest yourself to obtain the plant piece. You cannot use a different character.

This sample is needed to obtain the Druid's Bear/Wolf Fur Addon.

How to get to the Griffinclaw Flower on Nargor


  • From entrance at Nargor, walk from A to B, go up stairs.
  • Walk from C to D, use three Parcels or Levitate (exani hur up) to go up at D.
  • Walk from E to F, there are NUMEROUS Pirates in this area, so be careful if you are a lower level.
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