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You see a blood hand.
  • Blood for the dark god!
  • Die, filth!
  • For the Blood God!


Nobody is quite sure how the blood priest cult recruits its pupils, the blood hands, and if they join of their own free will. Rumours have it that blood hands have artificially enhanced blood in their veins, making them ruthless tools that do the bidding of their masters.
Blood hands are named after the red gloves they wear, but the name is not merely a metaphor: blood hands have to pass several years of training and killing in the field to prove worthy of ascending into the ranks of the priests. Though the initiation takes place behind securely closed doors, there are hints of blood rage visions, brain washing, grotesque rituals and blood transfusions during the final trial, and only those who live through these ordeals are entitled to call themselves blood priests, and receive a new name. Blood hands are often sent abroad to fulfil a mission of their master's or assisting him, and may return with strange devices, samples and stains. On the upside, blood hands are also skilled surgeons, and many an unhappy necromancer has relied on their skill to prolong his life or sew a limb back on, even if he had to pledge his services to theirs in return.
In combat, blood hands use what their masters have taught them, and summon minions they managed to pressure into a blood bond, which usually means fellow necromancers who owed them a favour or two.

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You may hunt 4000 of these along with Necromancers, Priestesses, Blood Priests and Shadow Pupils as a task for Lugri. Upon completion of the task you will face Necropharus. The task can be repeated several times but only grants you 40,000 experience points from the second time and onwards.
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Melee (0-100?, poisons you, starting from up to 4), Self-Healing (fast, 0-70+), Paralyze Ball (close range only), Life Drain Ball on self (20-60?).

Damage Taken From Elements

  • Physical
  • Holy
  • Death
  • Fire
  • Energy
  • Ice
  • Earth




They fight in close range. A blood hand never retreats.


Knights: Alternate between Brutal Strike and Whirlwind Throw, as they heal quite fast. If surrounded, use Berserk.

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