Blessings can be obtained by players to reduce the amount of experience, skills and items forfeited in death. They are available on all Game Worlds (including Hardcore PvP game worlds since Update 8.53).

There are a total of 8 blessings, with a few ways to obtain each one:

  1. By speaking to a respective NPC and donating a certain amount of gold.
  2. By using a respective Blessing Charm item.
  3. By getting blessing charges for Tibia Coins from the Store or receiving them as a death compensation.

The following table summarizes the available options for each blessing:

Blessing NPC Location Blessing Charm Store price Additional Info Premium
The Spiritual Shielding South of Thais (Norf, here) Spiritual Charm 15 TC
The Embrace of Tibia North of Carlin (Humphrey, here) Unity Charm 15 TC
The Fire of the Suns South of Ab'Dendriel (Edala, here) Twin Sun Charm 15 TC
The Spark of the Phoenix Kazordoon (Kawill, here), (Pydar, here) Phoenix Charm 20 TC This blessing has two parts. You must obtain both parts of the blessing in the correct order (first Kawill, then Pydar). You will get a 10% price discount if you have a Phoenix Egg in your inventory. For this to work, you have to have completed the Paradox Tower Quest (you don't need to have picked the Phoenix Egg as a reward, so you can get it from another player)
The Wisdom of Solitude Eremo's Island (Eremo, here) Solitude Charm 15 TC Free Account account players may resort to buying the Solitude Charm on the Market. These characters may also obtain it as a reward from the Rise of Devovorga world quest.
Blood of the Mountain In the northern part of Tiquanda (Kais, go down here) Blood of the Mountain (Item) 25 TC
Heart of the Mountain From Svargrond, ask Buddel, here, to take you to 'Camp' which is south of Bittermor on Hrodmir (Nomad, use Levitate here) Heart of the Mountain (Item) 25 TC
Twist of Fate At any Temple NPC 8 TC Protects your regular blessings, in case you die in PvP fight.

Special Blessings

Blessing Location Additional Info Premium
Blessing of the Inquisition Thais (Henricus, entrance) Works as 5 regular blessings at once if you have completed The Inquisition Quest (even if you don't have Premium Time running at that moment). This will cost you 10% more than buying all blessing separately.
Adventurer's Blessing It cannot be bought With the introduction of Dawnport in Update 10.55, all newly created characters on Open PvP worlds will automatically receive this blessing. It will protect them from death through player killing either until they reach level 21 or attack another player. In addition, all already existing players who were below level 21 at the time of the update with no player kill in their history also received this blessing.

After death a character loses all blessings, except if the character was blessed with the Twist of Fate and is killed by other players (only Twist of Fate will be lost then). You can check which blessings you have already bought by opening the Blessings window above the amulet slot or using a Ceremonial Ankh or an Ornamented Brooch.

Some useful facts:

  1. The Wisdom of Solitude, Blood of the Mountain and Heart of the Mountain are the only blessings requiring a premium account to buy them from their respective NPCs, all other blessings can be bought by Free Account players as well.
  2. You can obtain every regular blessing with 1000 gp off if you do the Pilgrimage of Ashes Quest. The discount is valid only once.
  3. Buying all 7 blessings at once via the Store costs 130 Tibia Coins.

Blessing Charges

Blessings Window

Since the Update 11.30, you can accumulate Blessing Charges by buying them from the Store or in case you receive them due to death compensation. Blessing Charges are pre-paid blessings there are ready to use. You can check your currently number of charges using the Blessings Window that can be accessed by clicking a small button above the amulet slot.

The Blessings Window can be used to check what Blessings your character currently possess in case you are in doubt.


The safest and fastest way to buy all five basic blessings if you don't have the possibility to buy the Blessing of the Inquisition is as follows:

  1. First go to the White Flower Temple south of Thais and buy Spiritual Shielding from Norf.
  2. Then take the boat to Edron, then to Cormaya and from Cormaya to Eremo's Island to buy the Wisdom of Solitude from Eremo.
  3. After that, take the Steamship in Cormaya or return to Edron by boat and use the Magic Carpet to Kazordoon and buy the Spark of the Phoenix in two parts, first from Kawill, then from Pydar.
  4. From there take the Ore Wagon to North exit and walk to Ab'Dendriel to buy the Fire of the Suns from Edala at the Suntower.
  5. After That Walk to Carlin and talk to Humphrey to buy the Embrace of Tibia

If you prefer saving some money, you should start in Edron, travel to Cormaya by boat or through Edron Rotworm Cave, from there to Eremo's Island and buy the Wisdom of Solitude. Go back to Edron and take the Magic Carpet to Femor Hills. Walk to Carlin and buy the Embrace of Tibia; then walk to Ab'Dendriel and buy the Fire of the Suns. From there walk to Kazordoon and buy the Spark of the Phoenix. Finally, go to the White Flower Temple and buy Spiritual Shielding.

For Yalahar residents a good and fast route is Yalahar → Carlin (1 blessing) → Ab'Dendriel (1 blessing) → Edron → Cormaya → Eremo (1 blessing) → Cormaya, use Steamship/return to Edron, use Magic Carpet → Kazordoon, use Ore Wagons (1 blessing in two parts) → Cormaya → Edron → Thais (1 blessing) → Yalahar. You'll need ~1225 gp travel money (or less if you have achieved the Grand Postman rank in The Postman Missions) to cover for all Boat and Steamship and Ore Wagon fees. You may also use Gnomish Crystal Teleport System to teleport from Kazordoon to Thais, as the entrance is very close to Pydar.

Consequences of Death

Experience and Skill Loss

See also: Death

Until level 23, a non-promoted character loses 10% of its experience and skill points if it has no blessings when dying. Starting at level 24 the proportion of experience loss to the total experience begins to decrease. At level 24, 74% of the experience necessary to go from level 23 to 24 is lost. This percentage increases in steps of 1% every level, reaching 100%, i.e one whole level, at level 50. This rate can also be explained in terms of levels lost: every 100 levels, a character loses one level more, starting with losing 1 level for a character at level 50. A character at level 100 will lose 1.5 level upon death, 2 levels at 150, 2.3 levels at 180, 2.5 levels at 200 and so on.

Each of the 7 available blessings reduces the experience and skill loss by 8% of the base death penalties. Promoting your character will decrease the loss by 30% of the base value. Therefore, the maximum possible reduction is 86% of the value calculated with the full penalty.

Item loss

Without blessings the chance of dropping any piece of equipment will be 10%. There is 100% chance of dropping your container equipped in the backpack slot and its entire content.

Note: A red or black skulled player will not have any protection against item loss and will still pay full price for all blessings.

Summary table

Blessings Experience and skills Equipment
Base skill / XP loss reduction ... with promotion Loss reduction Equipment loss % Container loss %
Without blessings - - - 10% 100%
1 blessing 8% 38% 30% 7% 70%
2 blessings 16% 46% 55% 4.5% 45%
3 blessings 24% 54% 75% 2.5% 25%
4 blessings 32% 62% 90% 1% 10%
5 blessings 40% 70% 100% safe

(except for red and black skulled characters)

6 blessings 48% 78%
7 blessings 56% 86%


The price of the blessings is a function of level, defined in piecewise fashion:

  • If level is less than or equal to 30, the price of each regular blessing is 2,000 gold (10,000 total)
  • If level is greater than 30 and less than 120, the price of each regular blessing is 2,000 plus 200 for each level above 30. That is,. This simplifies to thus you can derive a number by subtracting 20 from your level and multiplying by 1,000 (for all regular 5 blessings)
  • The price of Twist of Fate is 2,000 gold for levels lower than 30 and 2,000 plus 200 gold for each level above 30, up to a maximum of 50,000 gold coins at level 270. It can also be slimplified to of the level is lower than 270.
  • Up to level 120, the price for each enhanced blessing will always be 30% higher than the regular blessings' price or simply .
  • From level 120 onwards, the math for regular and enhanced blessings changes:
    • Each regular blessing costs 20,000 gp + 75 gp for every additional level above level 120.
    • Each enhanced blessing costs 26,000 gp + 100 gp for every additional level above level 120.

You cannot buy a blessing from its respective NPC if you already have at least one charge of it. In this situation, you can only buy it from the Store.

The quickest way for players of level 30–120 to find out how much is needed for the 5 regular blessings is to simply subtract 20 from their level, and they get the amount in thousands of gold needed.

Similarly, players from the same level range can determine how much is needed for all 7 blessings by subtracting 20 from their level, then multiplying it by 1.52 and they get the amount in thousands of gold needed.

Additionally, players from the same level range can determine how much is needed in total for all 7 blessings and Twist of Fate by subtracting 20 from their level, then multiplying it by 1.72 and they get the amount in thousands of gold needed.

Example for a level 75 player:

  • , hence, 55000 gold for the 5 regular blessings.
  • , hence, 83600 gold in total for all 7 blessings.
  • , hence, 94600 gold in total for all 7 blessings and Twist of Fate.


Visit the Character Stats Calculator to dynamically check how much the blessings cost for a character at a given level.

Blesser NPCs

Blessers can bless you for a small fee, protecting you from devastating losses upon death.

Name Job Buy/Sell Location
Edala Edala Sage
Suntower near Ab'Dendriel
Eremo Eremo Sage
Eremo's Island, a small island between Edron and Cormaya.
Henricus Henricus Inquisitor
Organisation Leader
Thais Jail, down one floor.
Humphrey Humphrey Blesser
Fields of Glory, north of Carlin, one level up
Kais Kais Servant
Near the Forbidden Lands in the north of Tiquanda.
Kawill Kawill Geomancer
Caste Leader
South of Isimov
Nomad Nomad Hunter
South of Bittermor on Hrodmir.
Norf Norf Cleric
White Flower Temple, south of Thais.
Pydar Pydar Pyromancer
Caste Leader
North of Kazordoon temple, past the many Fire Fields.