The Blessing of the Inquisition allows you to buy five regular Death Penalty reducing Blessings at once but it costs 10% more than buying all five separate blessings.

You cannot get this blessing unless you have completed The Inquisition Quest.

The cost for this blessing is:

- $ ~2000*5*1.1=11000 $ gp for characters below level 30.

- $ ~200*(level-20)*5*1.1 $ gp for characters between level 30 and 120.

- $ ~20000*5*1.1=110000 $ gp for characters above level 120.


Player: hi
Henricus: Greetings, fellow believer Player!
Player: blessing
Henricus: Do you want to receive the blessing of the inquisition - which means all five available blessings - for x gold?
Player: yes

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