You see Black Bert
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Thais docks, north of depot, upstairs.


He sells items needed for some quests. If you happen to lose one of those items, you can buy a new one at his shop. However, since his prices are pretty high, you should be careful about losing a quest item in the first place. Note that Black Bert should be used as a last resort, not as a quick way through quests. Often, items bought from Bert will not work for the quests they are used in because the NPC checks for quest flags in addition to the item's presence. Also, some items are given by the quest NPC so you will obtain them through the quest regardless.

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You need to complete The Thieves Guild Quest before you can trade with him.
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Trade Details


This NPC does not buy anything.


Almanac of Magic.gifAlmanac of Magic1600 Gold
Animal Fetish.gifAnimal Fetish110,000 Gold
Baby Rotworm.gifBaby Rotworm1600 Gold
Bale of White Cloth.gifBale of White Cloth16,000 Gold
Beer Bottle.gifBeer Bottle1600 Gold
Bill.gifBill18,000 Gold
Blood Crystal.gifBlood Crystal150,000 Gold
Bloodkiss Flower.gifBloodkiss Flower110,000 Gold
Book with Old Legends.gifBook with Old Legends12,000 Gold
Bundle of Rags.gifBundle of Rags15,000 Gold
Carrying Device.gifCarrying Device11,000 Gold
Cask of Brown Ale (Item).gifCask of Brown Ale (Item)11,500 Gold
Cigar.gifCigar12,000 Gold
Cookbook.gifCookbook11,000 Gold
Crate (Wine).gifCrate (Wine)11,000 Gold
Crimson Nightshade Blossoms.gifCrimson Nightshade Blossoms17,000 Gold
Damaged Logbook.gifDamaged Logbook140,000 Gold
Dark Essence.gifDark Essence117,000 Gold
Dark Moon Mirror.gifDark Moon Mirror15,000 Gold
Dark Sun Catcher.gifDark Sun Catcher15,000 Gold
Deep Crystal.gifDeep Crystal113,000 Gold
Dragha's Spellbook.gifDragha's Spellbook116,000 Gold
Elemental Crystal.gifElemental Crystal18,000 Gold
Empty Beer Bottle.gifEmpty Beer Bottle1600 Gold
Empty Starlight Vial.gifEmpty Starlight Vial15,000 Gold
Exploding Cookie.gifExploding Cookie1100 Gold
Exquisite Silk.gifExquisite Silk14,000 Gold
Exquisite Wood.gifExquisite Wood14,000 Gold
Faded Last Will.gifFaded Last Will1600 Gold
Fae Talisman.gifFae Talisman15,000 Gold
Family Brooch.gifFamily Brooch11,000 Gold
Family Signet Ring.gifFamily Signet Ring115,000 Gold
Fan Club Membership Card.gifFan Club Membership Card110,000 Gold
Filled Carrying Device.gifFilled Carrying Device11,000 Gold
Fishnapped Goldfish.gifFishnapped Goldfish17,000 Gold
Flask of Crown Polisher.gifFlask of Crown Polisher1700 Gold
Flask of Extra Greasy Oil.gifFlask of Extra Greasy Oil11,000 Gold
Flask of Poison.gifFlask of Poison11,000 Gold
Flexible Dragon Scale.gifFlexible Dragon Scale14,000 Gold
Formula for a Memory Potion.gifFormula for a Memory Potion15,000 Gold
Funeral Urn.gifFuneral Urn16,000 Gold
Fur of a Wolf Whelp.gifFur of a Wolf Whelp15,000 Gold
Gemmed Lamp (Fa'hradin's).gifGemmed Lamp (Fa'hradin's)1, 25,000 Gold
Ghost Charm.gifGhost Charm120,000 Gold
Ghost's Tear.gifGhost's Tear150,000 Gold
Ghostsilver Lantern (Unlit).gifGhostsilver Lantern (Unlit)120,000 Gold
Giant Ape's Hair.gifGiant Ape's Hair124,000 Gold
Gold Nuggets.gifGold Nuggets110,000 Gold
Golden Symbol of Suon.gifGolden Symbol of Suon110,000 Gold
Golem Blueprint.gifGolem Blueprint113,500 Gold
Golem Head.gifGolem Head125,000 Gold
Hastily Scribbled Note.gifHastily Scribbled Note13,000 Gold
Headache Pill.gifHeadache Pill1350 Gold
Ivory Lyre.gifIvory Lyre150,000 Gold
Julius' Map.gifJulius' Map125,000 Gold
Letter to Markwin.gifLetter to Markwin18,000 Gold
Letterbag.gifLetterbag18,000 Gold
Lump of Clay.gifLump of Clay11,000 Gold
Machine Crate.gifMachine Crate18,500 Gold
Magic Crystal.gifMagic Crystal14,000 Gold
Mago Mechanic Core.gifMago Mechanic Core113,000 Gold
Map to the Unknown.gifMap to the Unknown1650 Gold
Memory Crystal.gifMemory Crystal1500 Gold
Memory Stone.gifMemory Stone13,000 Gold
Monk's Diary.gifMonk's Diary13,000 Gold
Morik's Helmet.gifMorik's Helmet18,000 Gold
Mystic Root.gifMystic Root14,000 Gold
Nautical Map.gifNautical Map15,250 Gold
Nightshade Distillate.gifNightshade Distillate115,000 Gold
Old Iron.gifOld Iron14,000 Gold
Old Map.gifOld Map12,000 Gold
Old Power Core.gifOld Power Core113,000 Gold
Part of an Old Map (Bottom Left).gifPart of an Old Map (Bottom Left)12,000 Gold
Part of an Old Map (Upper Left).gifPart of an Old Map (Upper Left)12,000 Gold
Part of an Old Map (Upper Right).gifPart of an Old Map (Upper Right)12,000 Gold
Piece of Parchment (Gold).gifPiece of Parchment (Gold)11,500 Gold
Piece of Parchment (Shadow Bite).gifPiece of Parchment (Shadow Bite)11,500 Gold
Piece of Parchment (Silver).gifPiece of Parchment (Silver)11,500 Gold
Plans for a Strange Device.gifPlans for a Strange Device11,000 Gold
Present (Postman).gifPresent (Postman)116,000 Gold
Rare Crystal.gifRare Crystal11,000 Gold
Research Notes.gifResearch Notes13,000 Gold
Sacred Earth.gifSacred Earth11,000 Gold
Sceptre of Sun and Sea.gifSceptre of Sun and Sea150,000 Gold
Secret Letter.gifSecret Letter11,000 Gold
Shadow Orb.gifShadow Orb112,500 Gold
Sheet of Tracing Paper (Blank).gifSheet of Tracing Paper (Blank)1500 Gold
Sheet of Tracing Paper (Full).gifSheet of Tracing Paper (Full)1500 Gold
Silver Nuggets.gifSilver Nuggets17,000 Gold
Snake Destroyer.gifSnake Destroyer18,000 Gold
Soul Contract.gifSoul Contract1666 Gold
Special Flask (Fools Guild).gifSpecial Flask (Fools Guild)15,000 Gold
Spectral Cloth.gifSpectral Cloth14,000 Gold
Spectral Dress.gifSpectral Dress115,000 Gold
Spyreport.gifSpyreport13,000 Gold
Stabilizer.gifStabilizer112,500 Gold
Stone Tablet with Ley Lines.gifStone Tablet with Ley Lines18,000 Gold
Strange Powder.gifStrange Powder15,000 Gold
Striker's Favourite Pillow.gifStriker's Favourite Pillow116,000 Gold
Strong Sinew.gifStrong Sinew14,000 Gold
Suspicious Documents.gifSuspicious Documents12,000 Gold
Suspicious Signet Ring.gifSuspicious Signet Ring115,000 Gold
Tattered Swan Feather.gifTattered Swan Feather12,000 Gold
Tear of Daraman.gifTear of Daraman116,000 Gold
Technomancer Beard.gifTechnomancer Beard15,000 Gold
The Alchemists' Formulas.gifThe Alchemists' Formulas18,000 Gold
The Dust of Arthei.gifThe Dust of Arthei140,000 Gold
The Dust of Boreth.gifThe Dust of Boreth120,000 Gold
The Dust of Lersatio.gifThe Dust of Lersatio125,000 Gold
The Dust of Marziel.gifThe Dust of Marziel130,000 Gold
The Ring of the Count.gifThe Ring of the Count110,000 Gold
The Witches' Grimoire.gifThe Witches' Grimoire1, 325,000 Gold
Toy Mouse.gifToy Mouse116,000 Gold
Universal Tool.gifUniversal Tool1550 Gold
Unworked Sacred Wood.gifUnworked Sacred Wood11,000 Gold
Waldo's Post Horn.gifWaldo's Post Horn12,000 Gold
Whisper Moss.gifWhisper Moss118,000 Gold
Whoopee Cushion.gifWhoopee Cushion12,000 Gold
Wolf Tooth Chain (Ceiron).gifWolf Tooth Chain (Ceiron)110,000 Gold
Worm Queen Tooth.gifWorm Queen Tooth112,500 Gold
Wrinkled Parchment.gifWrinkled Parchment14,000 Gold
Xodet's First Wand.gifXodet's First Wand15,000 Gold
  1. After completing The Thieves Guild Quest.
  2. During a quest and by saying item name.
  3. After receiving it on The Inquisition Quest.