One of the three homes for the savage barbarians, where the Norsir tribe resides. You can access it by foot over the Formorgar Glacier from Svargrond or by boat via Buddel just south of the camp. It is located under the glacier and is a good hunting place for low- to mid level players.

Hunting tips

In the central larger room, there are 3 brutetamers and lots of headsplitters and skullhunters. One can be quickly surrounded, if not careful. Do not run towards the brutetamers.
In the smaller room northeast, there are 2 brutetamers, one bloodwalker and some headsplitters and skullhunters. Again, do not run towards the brutetamers, because you can be surrounded.
It is very important to have runes or instant spells that affect a large area. Sorcerers can use Fire Waves to kill the tamers.
The respawn is very fast. One can make around 28K exp/h and collect 4K gp/h and other items.

Creatures in and around Bittermor
NameEXPHPMax DamageLoot
52312 Physical Damage
Winter Wolf.gif
Winter Wolf
203020 Physical Damage
Frost Troll.gif
Frost Troll
Polar Bear.gif
Polar Bear
288530 Physical Damage
Barbarian Headsplitter.gif
Barbarian Headsplitter
85100110 Physical Damage
Barbarian Skullhunter.gif
Barbarian Skullhunter
8513565 Physical Damage
Barbarian Brutetamer.gif
Barbarian Brutetamer
9014554 (154 with summons)
160320110 Physical Damage
Barbarian Bloodwalker.gif
Barbarian Bloodwalker
195305200 Physical Damage