You see Bezil
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  • Hey Nezil, let's go to the Jolly Axeman Tavern after business is done.


Shops Street in Kazordoon beneath the Depot.


Her full name is Bezil Coinbiter.
Bezil and her brother Nezil buy and sell Equipment to adventurers. You need to say "Hi Bezil" to talk with her, not just "Hi".


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Player: hi Bezil
Bezil: Hiho, Bezil at your service, Player. We sell {equipment} of all kinds.
Player: equipment
Bezil: As you can see, we offer quite a lot, such as torches, shovels and the like. Ask me for a {trade} to have a look.
Player: trade
Bezil: Of course, just browse through our wares. By the way, there's a deposit of 5 gold on empty vials.
Player: job
Bezil: We sell equipment of all kind. Is there anything you need?
Player: name
Bezil: I'm Bezil Coinbiter. Me and my bro' Nezil are selling stuff, ye' know?
Player: Nezil
Bezil: He's my bro'.
Player: dwarfs
Bezil: My people is as old and sturdy as the stone of the mountain we live in.
Player: Kazordoon
Bezil: Our city is well-fortified. In ancient days, the trail to Kazordoon was a well-kept secret and hardly any stranger found his way here ...
Bezil: Today, we welcome visitors, but we're still on guard and ready to defend our gates.
Player: Thais
Bezil: I wouldn't feel comfortable to live so exposed and in the open, but like an old dwarfish saying goes: Every beard grows different.
Player: Carlin
Bezil: I still need to visit that town one day. I guess it's not much fun to visit a city that forbids to drink alcohol, though ...
Bezil: Thinking about it, I never heard of a dwarf travelling there.
Player: Ab'Dendriel
Bezil: I laughed so hard when I saw that so-called city. Imagine, they live in trees with all these squirrels around ...
Bezil: I couldn't stand it to be molested by this climbing and hopping pest that steals my lunch ...
Bezil: But I guess the squirrels are more patient with elves than I'd be.
Player: bye
Bezil: Good bye, Player.