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Beware of the bonelords!

The bonelords are an ancient race of underground dwelling necromancers. Although they can 'speak' like humans using some membranes, their native 'tongue' consists of a blinking code with each eye, where a blinking could mean some syllable, letter or word. It is by far the most complex speech we have ever encountered and it is almost impossible to comprehend. As far as we can tell it is not only a language but also some kind of mathematics. This combination makes it tedious even to try to understand that language.
The books the bonelords write contain only numbers and the code behind them is incredibly complex. This race was one of those which were part in the creation wars and therefore its peak of civilization and power is long gone. There are rumours about still existent bonelord settlements where they try to improve their unspeakable necromantic rituals and create an army of undead.

In general they seem malicious but without any ambition to do more than to claim some lairs and to defend them. They seem to have no ambitions in conquering or allying with other races in a bigger style other than bonelord mercenaries who occasionally join forces with other entities for private reasons.