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Berylia was merged along with Iridia and Morgana into a new world Irmada on November 10, 2014.

Additional Information

The name Berylia possibly originated from the mineral compound Beryl, commonly called "emerald" depending upon the type. It may also have been taken from the chemical element Beryllium, which is used to produce certain copper alloys.

There was a war between Runnhide and Festina Lente. Runnhide won, and is now the leading guild. The new guild Veritas Santare is now facing Runnhide. There is no warmode yet, but it is expected to be.

Few players have found love on Berylia. Some of them being Laviuz and Little Bunia, as well as Chuck Baows and Mithon also Xencrypted and Nevon Seto which is Berylias first to be known same gender couple.

Players that are famous for their welfare contribution Fresh Da Nuker Tralfamador the Wariat


  • A lot of nice and helpful people
  • As of the battles going on, there is a bigger chance to encounter free spawns
  • The guilds are hosting quest services for neutral players


  • Hard to sell rarer items.
  • Not a lot of players online at the same time, slow spawn.
  • A lot of players are botting, and often force you to leave a spawn.
  • Many player killers, especially on Thais and Carlin
  • Magikwah
  • Cyronus
  • Shensz Blaad


Golden Trophy of Excellence.gifLevelSound461
Spellbook of Ancient Arcana.gifMagicSound102
Great Shield.gifShieldingAder Niel111
The Devileye.gifDistanceEagle Askara123
The Epiphany.gifSwordAder Niel118
Dark Trinity Mace.gifClubScorponok113
Solar Axe.gifAxeDelquita115
Claw of 'The Noxious Spawn'.gifFistDark Knight Death82
Mechanical Fishing Rod.gifFishingDemon Rook'stayer94
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