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Behind The Veil Of Ignorance I

Zathroth's shrouded hoard of forbidden knowledge is known by many names in many cultures.
Parts of this hoard of ancient knowledge were compiled by races long gone and creatures that were not meant to exist. Other parts manifested on their own by means so unfathomable, only some book hidden away in that library might tell about.
Most of what is known about it comes from the scriptures of Zathroth of which many were destroyed in the great purge of the first Inquisition. Other information was gathered from sealed notes the inquisition took in their interrogations. Yet some parts of the compiled information was gained by whisperers in the dark that claimed to be on a mission of enlightenment. Most of what is complied here is old, fractured and incomplete - yet the best available by our means and efforts which were both substantial.
It is said that much of the hoard's knowledge was gained by divine insights of Zathroth. Some might just be the ramblings of madmen but still contain disturbing insights. Other parts are even more obscure and can't be reasonably associated with any kind of writer at all.
Most texts are said to hold the secrets of acquiring more arcane power for oneself - yet to a terrible price. But to the people who ventured that far into the territory of dark knowledge, these prices seem trivial at best.
Some of the knowledge centers on summoning forth unspeakable things from beyond the known worlds, out of abysses of darkness and madness. Others are supposed to bend elements, space, minds and souls to the will of the user.
The accumulated knowledge is immense and twisted to condense and enrich it even more in a way that words can't truly contain it any longer.
Most books are encrusted with wards and sigils that try to contain as much of the knowledge as possible bound to the volume.
The knowledge is still so powerful and potent that it often gained a form of will on its own and maliciously preyed on the minds of the unwary. This knowledge acts like a parasite, draining its bearers soul and mind, whispering misleading and tainted lies, drawing them deeper onto forbidden paths.
Secrets thought long lost and deceptively easy answers to tantalising questions are bound to lead scholars and mystics alike to treachery and the denouncement of all gods but Zathroth.
It is said the hoard is located at a place that 'one time might be' and that 'it is lost to the forever'. It is shrouded by magic, arcane wards, deceptions and ignorance. The key is said to be a state of mind and the lock is ready to break any key that is not strong enough to unlock it.

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