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Behind The Veil Of Ignorance II

The concentrated knowledge is said to be that strong, that it can absorb even the mightiest, turning his essence into another few pages of one of the books. The endless library knows no limits or bounds. Zathroth's teachings say that knowledge is infinite and so is his library.
It is said in the beginning the library was only the virtual shadow that was cast by Umans hallowed halls of enlightenment, but the shadow grew with each secret that was kept, each piece of knowledge that wasn't meant to be known. And so dark secrets gave birth to even more twisted insights.
Since its creation the hoard feasts on secrets and knowledge. It grows and spawns new rooms and chambers, hidden passages and halls of displaced geometry. In the case of the hidden library, the phrase that 'knowledge is power' becomes reality in that the power of the accumulated knowledge manifests in reality bending ways that seem to mock the very concepts of time, space and existence. Fanatics of Zathroth claim that the library also contains at least parts of 'the true speech', the first and only true language, the syllables the gods whispered at the dawn of creation. Each word, eons long, containing the power to create or destroy, shredding its speaker out of existence.
Knowledge hidden in lies, truth gained by insanity, enlightenment by force of will combined with greed and selfishness that leads to power: these are the hallmarks of the shrouded hoard.
Though they enviously protect the hoard, Zathroth and his minions tempt the powerful with glimpsing visits of the hoard. If they prove ruthless and powerful enough to force their way into it. The reward is of course a poisoned one since one shed of forbidden knowledge is never enough. The taste of knowledge seeds a hunger that becomes unbearable to overcome. Everything but more dark knowledge loses its worth and the tainted view of the world becomes cynical and dull. Things once held in value don't matter anymore and the only pleasure one can experience is gaining more knowledge - and even that has to be more substantial yet obscure with every time. This spiral into mad-stricken greed leads many to compile knowledge on their own, figure out forbidden things and bind them into new tomes that one day mysteriously make their way into the hoard with their author vanished under curious circumstances.

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