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Edron (Cyclopolis)


Cyclops Drones, Cyclops Smiths, Dwarf Guards, Dwarf Soldiers, Fire Elementals, Dragons and a Dragon Lords on the way to the quest and 4 Behemoths, 2 Cyclops Smith and 2 Dragons in the quest room.


The level requirement for this quest was changed from 60 to 80 in late 2004 or in the beginning of 2005.



Go north of Edron to Cyclopolis (here). Follow the maps below to reach the 5th floor of Cyclopolis, with the Dragons. You can use Stealth Ring or Invisible and run through the Cyclopes, but Fire Elementals on the lower floors will see you.

Floor Be prepared to face
-1 Many Cyclopes, Cyclops Drones, Dwarf Soldiers, Dwarf Guards, and possibly a lured Orc Leader, Orc Berserker, Minotaur Mage and/or Elf Arcanist.
-2 Many Cyclopes, Cyclops Drones, Cyclops Smiths, and Dwarf Soldiers.
-3 Many Cyclopes, Cyclops Drones, Cyclops Smiths, and a Fire Elemental.
-4 Many Cyclopes, Cyclops Drones, Cyclops Smiths and Fire Elementals.
-5 3 Dragons, 2 Fire Elementals, a Dragon Lord (cavern).

Go down again and you will see an impressive overview of the Behemoth floor. Go north behind the stairs and find a spot to levitate down to a small platform with 2 Cyclopes, approximately here. On this platform, go to the northern edge and look north for large rocks. If there are no large rocks, you can skip the next part.

Go back south and levitate up to the platform you came from. Go east and down the staircase. Go all the way west and half way south to reach the next staircase. Go up, and follow either path to the south-eastern staircase. Go up, kill the Dragon Lord and use a Destroy Field Rune on the tile furthest west of the northern corridor row (see image). You may have to move corpses to find the lever. When the lever is to the right, backtrack to the rocks for the next step.

Go down the stairs on the platform and kill the Behemoths, Dwarf Soldiers and Cyclopes that spawn by the stairs. Go north through the narrow passage and up the stairs. Go through the level 80 Door of Expertise and prepare yourself for the final room.

In the final room there are 4 Behemoths, 2 Cyclops Smiths, and 2 Dragons. There are many viable strategies. Druids may use manashield and "stair hop" using Eternal Winter and Avalanche or Sudden Death Runes. Sorcerers can do the same but with Rage of the Skies. Knights can use Berserk or Fierce Berserk. Paladins can use Divine Caldera but killing them 1-on-1 would probably be more efficient with the help of Energy Wall Runes. A Dwarven Ring is recommended as the Cyclops Smiths can make you drunk. You may also ask a higher level for help.

When the room is clear you will find your rewards in the northern end of the room.

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