You see Beatrice
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  • Selling general goods and paperware! Come to my shop!


East side of Edron castle, second floor


Beatrice deals in different equipment.


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Beatrice: Hello, hiho, and ashari Player. Looking forward to {trade} with you.
Player: trade
Beatrice: Of course, just browse through my wares. {Footballs} have to be purchased separately.
Player: Footballs
Beatrice: Do you want to buy a football for 111 gold?
Player: no
Beatrice: Oh, but it's fun to play!
Player: job
Beatrice: I'm selling all kind of useful equipment.
Player: name
Beatrice: I'm called Beatrice.
Player: equipment / offers
Beatrice: My inventory of general goods and paperware is large, ask me for a trade to take a look.
Player: time
Beatrice: It's 8:28 am right now.
Player: King Tibianus
Beatrice: I've seen him once. What a handsome man!
Player: Edron
Beatrice: It's the best place to live at.
Player: Thais
Beatrice: We are no longer in need for supplies from there.
Player: Carlin
Beatrice: Even though they rebelled against our king, the city is supposed to be very lovely.
Player: Venore
Beatrice: I'm somewhat nervous about the Venorean traders. They've been trying to buy my shop for years, and they are becoming more and more aggressive.
Player: Ferumbras
Beatrice: I vaguely remember that name.
Player: Excalibug
Beatrice: That's just a myth like the screwdriver of Kurik or the endless casket of mana potions.
Player: Orshabaal
Beatrice: I've heard a dragon or something like that with the name Orshabaal often ravages the northern part of our isle ...
Beatrice: If it were not for the soldiers here, I'd be worried, but I'm sure the army will keep us safe ...
Beatrice: If these adventurers weren't always scaring away that beast before the army can intervene, we'd be rid of this creature for years.
Player: army
Beatrice: I supply them with some basic stuff.
Player: Tibia
Beatrice: I don't like travelling much. I prefer to live in the safety of our city.
Player: news
Beatrice: There are always rumours about the dangers in the far North of Edron.
Player: bye
Beatrice: See you later, Player.