Property Value
Aliases Chain Armor Quest.
Est. Length 5-10 minutes
Quest Log
Level 2
(6 recommended)
Classification Quest
Version Unknown.
Status Active




Rookgaard main cave.


Chain Armor, Brass Helmet, 12 Arrows and 40 gp

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Required Equipment


  • Go to the abandoned building a little north of Rookgaard and down the hole.

Bear Room Quest 1

  • Go east and down (Trolls here).

Bear Room Quest 2

  • Go down again like it is shown on this map. There are a few Orcs here.

Bear Room Quest 3

  • Go down again. There are 2-4 Orcs here. It's fairly easy to out run them.

Bear Room Quest 4

To retrieve the key, use a pick on the mud floor square directly south of the big table. A hole will appear for you to go down. Downstairs is a chest with Key 4601; take it and go back up the ladder.


North of the big table is a switch which controls the stone which can block the door to the bear room further north. If the stone is blocking the door, remove it by using the switch. Go through the door and kill the Bear, afterwards open all three boxes to get your reward.
Note: If someone has blocked the way back you can use the sewer grate to go down to a room with 4 Spiders, and then up the ladder to the south in order to get back into the central room with the Minotaurs and Orcs.

Bear Room Quest 5

Note: Next to the stone switch is the chest for the Present Box Quest.

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