This book was one of the winners of the Write a Book contest. It was written by Fridori.

Be careful who you trust

So you've read the stories of a time long past,
of heroes strong, and their wealth vast.
But pay attention young adventurer, to my cautionary tale,
of one such warrior who was destined to fail.

Inquisitive by nature, and an explorer to his core,
he had visited every town and frequented every store.
But he dreamt of glory, to be hailed as brave,
it consumed his thoughts and would drive him to the grave.

Word reached his ears of a path newly tread,
through the Ankrahmun desert to the crypts of the undead.
His equipment was heavy and difficult to wield,
so he took a chance on the illusive Vampire shield.

Off he marched in search of great wealth,
deeper into the crypts with his gleaming ring of stealth.
The Vampires were fierce, of a pale white hue,
but with a mighty swing of his sword, they were cleaved in two.

After an hour of searching, and lamenting poor luck,
The shield hit the floor from the last Vampire struck.
He equipped his prize and admired its glisten,
headed back to safety and told anyone who would listen.

A short distance from town a group blocked his way,
"hand over that shield!" they said, "Or there'll be hell to pay!".
Weary from battle and low on supplies,
the warrior raised his head and looked into their eyes.

Silence followed, not another word spoken,
until the enemy engaged, leaving his tired body broken.
While life was draining, his grip left his hand,
leaving his shield to lay idly, in the warm Ankrahmun sand

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