You see Baxter
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  • The orcs are preparing for war!!!
  • People of Thais, bring honour to your king by fighting in the orc war!
  • Volunteer for the orc war!


On the Rain Castle bridge in north-west Thais on Royal Avenue.


Baxter is a member of the king's army. He guards the castle, and is responsible for fighting the rat plague in the sewers. In his youth, he was an adventurer and explorer alongside Gorn, searching for Excalibug.

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He is the main NPC of the Machinery of War Quest.
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Player: Hi
Player: Job
Baxter: I am a proud member of the king's army. It is my duty to guard the castle. Sometimes I have to deal with less important work though.
Player: King
Baxter: King Tibianus III is our wise and just leader!
Player: Work or Mission or Quest
Baxter: We have a rat problem in the sewers. In the name of our glorious king I am paying 1 blinking piece of gold for every freshly killed rat you bring to me. You seem strong! Do you want to help fighting the orcs? They prepare themselves for war! We need everyone who's capable of killing greenskins! Ask me about the orc war if you are interested.
Player: Orc war
Baxter (when you are below lvl 50): I have no use for recruits who die in the first skirmish! Come back when you are better trained!
Player: Sell
Baxter: Visit Tibia's shopkeepers to buy their fine wares.
Player: TBI
Baxter: There is almost nothing known about that organization.
Player: Castle
Baxter: His Royal Highness ordered the castle to be open for all his subjects.
Player: Subjects
Baxter: We all live under the benevolent guidance of our king.
Player: City
Baxter: Now that the king returned, we will clean the city from all dubious persons.
Player: Rat
Baxter: Do you bring freshly killed rats for a bounty of 1 gold each? Ask me for a trade if you want to sell them.
Player: Trade
Baxter: Do you bring freshly killed rats for a bounty of 1 gold each? By the way, I also buy orc teeth and other stuff you ripped from their bloody corp... I mean... well, you know what I mean.
Player: Excalibug
Baxter: Gorn and I searched for this weapon in the darkest corners of each dungeon, but found nothing.
Player: Gorn
Baxter: An old friend of mine. He was once a great warrior and adventurer. Now he is running a shop.
Player: Benjamin
Baxter: He was one of the king's best generals, now he is a bit ...uhm... forgetful.
Player: Bozo
Baxter: The royal jester. I don't think he's funny.
Player: Chester
Baxter: This man is paranoid, but I guess that is useful in his job.
Player: Harsky or Stutch
Baxter: He's a soldier of the Silver Guards.
Player: Sam/Samuel
Baxter: He's a fine blacksmith. Almost all of our weapons are made by him.
Player: Partos
Baxter: He was wanted for a long time and was finally caught stealing some time ago.
Player: anything
Baxter: What's that to do with this Partos guy?
Player: Army
Baxter: Our brave army, which protects our city, consists of three battle groups.
Player: Battle groups
Baxter: There are the Dogs of War, the Red Guards, and the Silver Guards.
Player: Dogs of War
Baxter: They are our main army.
Player: Red Guards
Baxter: They are our special forces. Some serve as cityguards, others as secret police.
Player: Secret police
Baxter: Ask a higher offical about that.
Player: Silver Guards
Baxter: The best sorcerers, paladins, knights, or druids of our forces are chosen to serve as Silver Guards. They are the king's bodyguards.
Player: Bye