Barkeepers run a tavern. Therefore, you can often find them selling food and drinks. They differ from Innkeeper NPCs in that they do not offer their costumers a place to sleep in addition.

See also: Innkeeper NPCs

Name Job Buy/Sell Location
Ariella Ariella.gif Rebel
Sabrehaven on Meriana
Arito Arito.gif Barkeeper Old Scarab's Shell Tavern above the Post Office in Ankrahmun.
Armenius Armenius.gif Barkeeper In a bar in the Trade Quarter.
Bolfona Bolfona.gif Barkeeper Beregar tavern.
Boozer Boozer.gif Barkeeper Venore, 2 floors above the central depot.
Dane Dane.gif Barkeeper Carlin on Sea Lane.
Dankwart Dankwart.gif Barkeeper West in Svargrond, in the tavern Tempest in a Meadhorn.
Gnomejam Gnomejam.gif Barkeeper Gnomegate center
Gnominus Gnominus.gif Barkeeper Northern Gnomegate
Jimbin Jimbin.gif Barkeeper Kazordoon, Jolly Axeman Tavern.
Karl Karl.gif Rebel
Carlin Sewers.
Lyonel Lyonel.gif Barkeeper Central Liberty Bay, west of depot, at the tavern.
Maria Maria.gif Shopmaster
Venore, two floors below the central depot, at the west side.
Maryza Maryza.gif Barkeeper
Kazordoon, Jolly Axeman Tavern.
Mirabell Mirabell.gif Barkeeper Above Edron Depot.
Miraia Miraia.gif Barkeeper Southmost structure in Darashia.
Norma Norma.gif Barkeeper Rookgaard tavern, east of the wilderness bridge.
Pugwah Pugwah.gif Barkeeper
Chez Pugwah, east of the Yalahar depot.
Ramina Ramina.gif Barkeeper Southwest of the Issavi depot.
Relaxed Bartender Relaxed Bartender.gif Barkeeper Schrödinger's Island
Scott Scott.gif Barkeeper Senja, in his tarvern.
Snake Eye Snake Eye.gif Barkeeper The bar below ground in the Outlaw Camp.
Swolt Swolt.gif Barkeeper Farmine, west of the steamship.
Urkalio Urkalio.gif Barkeeper Venore, 3 floors below the central depot, on the left side.