Property Value
Aliases Barbarian Axe on back, Barbarian wig addon quest
Est. Length
Quest Log
Level 0
(70+ recommended)
Classification Quest
Version 7.8
August 1, 2006
Status Active


This outfit stands for raw power, battle cries and lack of manners. I heard that there are a few barbarians living near Northport. They might just be able to provide fitting addons.


Bron (Northport)


Addons for the Barbarian Outfits
Outfit Barbarian Male Addon 3 Outfit Barbarian Female Addon 3 and the "Brutal Politeness" achievement.

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These outfits are available to all Premium Account players. Only the addons are included in this quest.

Barbarian Wig

Outfit Barbarian Male Addon 2 Outfit Barbarian Female Addon 2

Required Equipment


  • You can collect most of the items listed above before you begin this quest. To save time, you are advised to collect the items before you talk to the npc.
  • Go to Bron near Northport (here) and ask him about his "outfit".
  • Ask him about "violence", and he will tell you that his brother needs to learn that violence is not always the answer. He will tell you to make his brother angry, then show him that all he needed to do was say 'please' to fix the situation.
  • Go to Ajax (here) and talk to him.
  • Once you have started a conversation, say "MINE"
  • Ajax will get angry and want you to go away. NOTICE: He will set you on fire.
  • Continue to say "no" until he asks How I make you go, then tell him "say please".
  • You will need to not talk to him AT ALL for ONE HOUR real time, then return. If you talk to him before one hour passes, you will have to wait another hour from that point. Ajax will tell you that he has thought about it, and that violence is not always good.
  • Return to Bron now, and tell him that Ajax said "fist not always good"
  • Bron will then mention that he has someone in his house that he doesn't like, and he wants you to get advice from Ajax about how to handle the situation.
  • Go back to Ajax and ask him about "Gelagos"
  • Ajax will tell you his brother needs Fighting Spirit, and that you should get some from a Djinn and give it to him.
  • Go to the Djinn tower in the Kha'zeel west of Ankrahmun, and talk to the Magic Shopkeeper djinn there (Haroun or Yaman depending upon which djinn quest you have done.
  • Ask him for "Fighting Spirit", and he will extract it from 2 Royal Helmets.
  • Take the Fighting Spirit back to Bron. He will act a little strange, but will then ask you for one last favor. He wants you to collect items for him to give a present to Ajax to thank him.
  • In order to make a shirt as a present for Ajax, Bron wants you to bring him 50 Pieces of Red Cloth and 50 Pieces of Green Cloth.
  • After you give him the cloth, he will ask for the Spider Silk Yarn.
  • After you give him the silk yarn, he will ask for the Warrior's Sweat
  • Once you have given him all of the items, he will give you the "traditional barbarian wig" to wear.


player: Hi
Bron: Welcome to my humble hut, player.
player: Violence
Bron: Convincing Ajax that it is not always necessary to use brute force... this would be such an achievement. Definitely a hard task though. ...
Bron: Listen, I simply have to ask, maybe a stranger can influence him better than I can. Would you help me with my brother?
player: Yes
Bron: Really! That is such an incredibly nice offer! I already have a plan. You have to teach him that sometimes words are stronger than fists. ...
Bron: Maybe you can provoke him with something to get angry, like saying... 'MINE!' or something. But beware, I'm sure that he will try to hit you. ...
Bron: Don't do this if you feel weak or ill. He will probably want to make you leave by using violence, but just stay strong and refuse to give up. ...
Bron: If he should ask what else is necessary to make you leave, tell him to 'say please'. Afterwards, do leave and return to him one hour later. ...
Bron: This way he might learn that violence doesn't always help, but that a friendly word might just do the trick. ...
Bron: Have you understood everything I told you and are really willing to take this risk?
player: Yes
Bron: You are indeed not only well educated, but also very courageous. I wish you good luck, you are my last hope.

player: Hi
Ajax: Whatcha do in my place?
player: MINE
player: No
player: No
player: NO
player: Say please
Ajax: Please? What you mean please? Like I say please you say bye? Please?
player: Yes
Ajax: Oh. Easy. Okay. Please is good. Now don't say anything. Head aches.

player: Hi
Ajax: You back. You know, you right. Brother is right. Fist not always good. Tell him that!

player: Hi
Bron: Welcome to my humble hut, player.
player: Brother is right. Fist not always good.
Bron: Oh! He really said that? I am so proud of you, player. These are really good news. Everything would be great... if only there wasn't this person near my house.
player: Person
Bron: This... person... makes me want to... say something bad... must... control myself. <sweats> I really don't know what to do anymore....
Bron: I wonder if Ajax has an idea. Could you ask him about Gelagos?
player: Yes
Bron: Again, I have to thank you for your selfless offer to help me. I hope that Ajax can come up with something, now that he has experienced the power of words.

player: Hi
Ajax: Whatcha do in my place?
player: Gelagos
Annoying kid. Bro hates him, but talking no help. Bro needs fighting spirit!
player: Fighting Spirit
Ajax: If you want to help bro, bring him fighting spirit. Magic fighting spirit. Ask Djinn.

player: Fighting Spirit
Haroun: I need two royal helmets to extract one container of fighting spirit. Would you like me to perform the extraction?
player: Yes
Haroun: Al Adhra Zubana Akras!

player: Hi
Bron: Welcome to my humble hut, player.
player: fighting spirit
Bron: Fighting spirit? What am I supposed to do with this fi... - oh! I feel strange... ME MIGHTY! ME WILL CHASE OFF ANNOYING KIDS!GROOOAARR!! RRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAGE!!
player: bye

player: Hi
Bron: Oh no! Was that really me? This is so embarassing, I have no idea what has gotten into me. Was that the fighting spirit you gaveme?
player: Yes
Bron: I'm impressed... I am sure this was Ajax' idea. I would love to give him a present, but if I leave my hut to gather ingredients, hewill surely notice. ...
Bron: Would you maybe help me again, one last time, my friend? I assure you that your efforts will not be in vain.
player: Yes
Bron: Great! You see, I really would love to sew a nice shirt for him. I just need a few things for that, so please listen closely: ...
Bron: He loves green and red, so I will need about 50 pieces of red cloth - like the material heroes make their capes of - and 50 piecesof the green cloth Djinns like. ...
Bron: Secondly, I need about 10 rolls of spider silk yarn. I think mermaids can yarn silk of large spiders to create a smooth thread. ...
Bron: The only remaining thing needed would be a bottle of warrior's sweat to spray it over the shirt... he just loves this smell. ...
Bron: Have you understood everything I told you and are willing to handle this task?
player: Yes
Bron: Thank you, my friend! Come back to me once you have collected 50 pieces of red cloth and 50 pieces of green cloth.
player: Hi
Bron: Welcome to my humble hut, player.
player: red piece of cloth
Bron: Have you really managed to fulfil the task and brought me 50 pieces of red cloth and 50 pieces of green cloth?
player: yes
Bron: Terrific! I will start to trim it while you gather 10 rolls of spider silk. I'm sure that Ajax will love it.
player: rolls of spider silk
Bron: Oh, did you bring 10 rolls of spider silk yarn for me?
player: yes
Bron: I'm impressed! You really managed to get spider silk yarn for me! I will immediately start to work on this shirt. Please don't forget to bring me warrior's sweat!
player: warriors sweat
Bron: Were you able to get hold of a flask with pure warrior's sweat?
player: yes
Bron: Good work, player! Now I can finally finish this present for Ajax. Because you were such a great help, I have also a present for you. Will you accept it?
player: yes
Bron: I have kept this traditional barbarian wig safe for many years now. It is now yours! I hope you will wear it proudly, friend.
player: Bye


Outfit Barbarian Male Addon 1 Outfit Barbarian Female Addon 1

Required Equipment



player: Hi
Ajax: Whatcha do in my place?
player: present
Ajax: Bron gave me present. Ugly, but nice from him. Me want to give present too. You help me?
player: yes
Ajax: Good! Me make shiny weapon. If you help me, I make one for you too. Like axe I wear. I need stuff. Listen. ...
Ajax: Me need 100 iron ore. Then need crude iron. Then after that 50 behemoth fangs. And 50 lizard leather. You understand?
Ajax: Help me yes or no?
player: yes
Ajax: Good. You get 100 iron ore first. Come back.
player: iron ore
Ajax: You bring 100 iron ore?
player: yes
Ajax: Good! Now bring crude iron.
player: crude iron
player: yes
Ajax: Good! Now bring 50 behemoth fangs.
player: 50 behemoth fangs
player: yes
Ajax: Good! Now bring 50 lizard leather.
player: 50 lizard leather
Ajax: You bring 50 lizard leather?
player: yes
Ajax: Ah! All stuff there. I will start making axes now. Come later and ask me for axe.
player: hi
player: axe
Ajax: Axe is done! For you. Take. Wear like me.

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