You see a banshee.
  • Dance for me your dance of death!
  • Let the music play!
  • I will mourn your death!
  • Are you ready to rock?
  • Feel my gentle kiss of death.
  • That's what I call easy listening!
  • IIIIEEEeeeeeehhhHHHH!


The Banshee is an undead creature of sheer terror. Legend has it she once was a mortal woman of great beauty who has killed herself over some long forgotten grievance. Death refused her sacrifice and sent her back, cursed and distorted. Now the Banshee is a ghastly sight to behold. Her body is not ethereal like that of a ghost, but her burning gaze and the withering look of infinite pain in her face strike terror in every mortal's heart. Even worse than her fearsome looks, however, is her unworldly song. The Banshee's wail is a melody of pure death which drains her unfortunate victims of all life and hope. Few mortals who have encountered a Banshee have lived to tell the tale.

A banshee, according to the irish myth, is the spirit of a deceased woman that is an omen of death or generally a messenger from the underworld. On Tibia, a banshee is a beautiful woman who has been betrayed and committed suicide, but death did not accept her sacrifice and sent her back.


Physical Damage Melee (0-100 and Poisoned starting up to 3 hp/turn)
Life Drain Great Musical Bomb on herself (100-200)
Death Damage Death Melee (55-350)
Paralyze Paralysis
Healing Self-Healing (120-190, fast)

Damage Taken From Elements

Physical Bestiary Physical Icon Big.gif
Death Cursed Icon Big.gif
Holy Dazzled Icon Big.gif
Ice Freezing Icon Big.gif
Fire Burning Icon Big.gif
Energy Electrified Icon Big.gif
Earth Poisoned Icon Big.gif


Single one under the White Flower Temple in Thais (respawn takes about 20-25 minutes), Banshee Quest area in Ghostlands (also accesible by Isle of the Kings), Demon Quest Room, Drefia, Ancient Ruins Tomb, Desert Dungeon (unreachable), Pits of Inferno in Tafariel's Throne room, Cemetery Quarter in Yalahar, Vengoth Castle, one in Robson Isle. See also: Banshee/Spawns


A banshee attacks in melee range. A banshee will retreat at 300 to 599 (30% - 59.9%, yellow) health.


To all vocations it is recomended to use a Garlic Necklace.
Mages should use an energy or ice rod/wand combined with ice or energy Strike. Be ready to follow them, as they run in fairly low health, but watch out for a second attack as they can heal (and return) relatively quickly. Trying to take on more than one banshee at a time can be dangerous and is not recommended for lower levels. Demon Skeletons can be useful to help blocking and killing.
Paladins need space to run and use healing spells to remove paralysis.Be prepared to use your Divine Caldera if you get swarmed by them.
Knights could use a two handed weapon to kill fast, most damage you will take, comes from life drain. You can attempt them from skills 65/65 and level 50 on. Be ready to use 3-4 strong health potions and 7-8 mana potions to exori it down.


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